How Long Does It Take To Tile a Shower-Complete Guide?

Tiling your shower improves the appearance of your shower. When tiling a shower, there are vital considerations to be kept in mind, e.g., size of the tile, design of the tiles and the cost of the tiles. Moreover, a professional is considered when tiling to save a lot of time even if the cost is relatively high.

Sometimes you can consider tiling the shower on your own as long as you have all materials required to fix the tiles on the floor. Both professionals and non-professionals can tile the whole shower floor at different speeds and times.

How long does it take to tile a shower?how long does it take to tile a shower

Amount of time required to tile the shower differs from one person to another. Tiling a shower depends on factors such as the speed of the person tiling your floor and the level of individuals tiling the shower.

A professional tiles the whole shower faster when compared to non-professionals. The higher the speed, the lesser the amount of time used to complete tiling the whole floor. 

Both professionals and non-professionals take different times to tile the whole shower. Professionals usually take 4 to 9 hours to tile the whole shower. Non-professionals take more time than professionals to finish tiling the shower. For instance, non-professionals take approximately 12 to 18 hours to complete tiling the floor.

Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional to help you tile the floor if you don’t have much time for tiling. But, if you’ve got it all the time, try tiling the shower floor on your own to reduce expenses and gain more skills for future use.

How to tile a whole shower floor and walls

Tiling the whole shower can be a bit difficult and tiresome for beginners. To tile your whole shower room, consider the following;

  1.     Make a good plan that saves you money and time.
  2.     Buy tiles that suit the place you want to tile: the floor and the walls. Wall tiles should be of different sizes compared to floor tiles.
  3.     Design the best tile layout to improve the appearance of your shower.
  4.     Consider all room parts, including the doors, etc.

Steps on how to tile the whole showerSteps on how to tile the whole shower

  • Collect all materials required to tile the shower room

Collect all equipment required to tile your shower, such as wall tiles, adhesive among others. Ensure you buy materials that are enough for tiling your whole shower room.

  • Clean the shower before tiling

Remove all materials from the shower, such as towels, soap, etc., and wash the bathroom. Leave the bathroom for some time to completely dry.

  • Draw lines that will guide you on how to place the tiles and cement board

Start drawing reference lines from the back of the shower room wall heading in the front direction. The lines show you how and where to place your tiles. After drawing the reference lines, prepare the recommended adhesive and spread it on the floor without covering the reference lines. Ensure the adhesive you are spreading is thick and smooth enough.

You can use sellotape to draw straight referencing lines or any other material recommended by a licensed seller. Finally, be careful when drawing referencing lines to avoid drawing lines that are not straight.

  • Place the cement board prepared on the floor

Using a jig-saw or a utility knife, cut the cement board and position it on the wall. Ensure each side faces the correct direction. Repeat the process until all places are covered. Ensure you consider the doorways while placing the cement boards on the wall.

  • Place the wall tiles on the cement board

Arrange the tiles carefully and ensure they fit in the reference lines. Also, ensure the tiles are lined up straight to get the best and attractive appearance. After aligning the first tile, place adhesive on the sideways and move to the next tile. Repeat the process until all tiles have been correctly placed on the wall.

While placing the tiles, ensure you keep in mind the plumbing pipes and any other pipes passing through the walls. Be careful when placing the tiles to avoid breaking the tiles or placing the tile on the referencing lines. Once you are done tiling the walls, proceed to the floor. 

Avoid pushing and sliding the wall tires to avoid scrapping the adhesive you placed. Once your adhesive has been scrapped, clean it out using a clean sponge and some water. Also, if you are unable to use adhesives, use something different that is less soupy. Finally, ensure you place the adhesive mixture on top of the cement board to hold the tiles tightly in position.

  • Repeat the whole process on the floor

First, draw referencing lines on the floor starting from the backend to the frontend while keeping in mind the sides and the door. Spread the adhesive mixture on the floor until it is thick and smooth enough to hold the cement board in position.

Cut the cement board and align it together with the tiles without covering the referencing lines. Start with placing one tile on the referencing square. Put adhesives on the four sides and then proceed to the next tile. Repeat the process until the whole floor is covered with tiles.

After fixing all tiles, use a sponge and bucket of water to remove all grout from the tiles. Clean the tiles depending on the direction. First, begin with the diagonally. Be careful when cleaning the tiles to prevent them from coming out. 

After cleaning the tiles, place everything back to its position. Tiling the whole shower is tiresome and requires a lot of carefulness to obtain the best results. It is advisable to tile your shower when free or hire a professional to help you tile the room, especially if you cannot tile on your own.


The amount of time required by an individual to tile up the whole shower depends on the person’s level and speed. For instance, professionals and more experienced individuals take less time with more speed to tile the whole shower. They take approximately 4 to 10 hours.

However, non-professionals take more than which is approximately 10 to 18 hours to complete tiling the shower. If you want to tile your shower, apply the steps above successfully install tiles in your room. Finally, you can contact a professional to tile for you if you are unable to tile.

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