7 Different Shower Valve Types [Ultimate Reviews]

For more nobility of home, the shower valve has become increasingly essential to warm up, cool off, and get clean, so hurry. The popularity of the shower does not surprisingly increase; the demand for shower increase gradually.

Our ancestors take a shower, open place, and do not know about the shower valve, such as cold and hot water. However, a modern shower has two different shower valve types, such as temperature control and another is multi-component facilities.

Now I am going to share different types of shower valve information with you so that you can apply it to your real life.

7 Different Shower Valve Types

shower valve types

1. Temperature Shower Valve

While the shower is relatively easy to install, they have to major drawback. You may know that shower comes with a different source, and cause the temperature to fluctuate, often dramatically, when it contains another tap or toilet draws cold and hot water.

Without a temperature control valve shower may become too hot and too cold. For this reason, the temperature shower valve comes, and now it is so popular for comfortably use.

2. Pressure and Mechanical Valve

Sometimes referred or known as a mechanical or anti-scale valve, this type provides you a great advantage of the differential pressure created by sudden temperature change. When you turn the valve of temperature, the pressure automatically works and provides you perfect pressure.

Some of the toilets used the sink, and sudden drop or raise the temperature cause a pressure change within the valve. However, this valve rebalances the valve and provides you with a balanced pressure or custom pressure to enjoy your shower.

However, a pressure valve is not always a good idea, especially when you think about your old home. I recommend you to avoid this section if you belong to your old home or bathroom.

3. Thermostatic Shower valveThermostatic Shower valve

This is a more expensive and alternative pressure control shower valve. The thermostatic shower valve is designed for both temperature and pressure control. One of the most exciting things is that you can set pre-temperature via this unit.

It would be best if you waited for the perfect temperature because you can already set the temperature. But remember you can only get a limited temperature such as 15-degree F to 45-degrees F. So if you love the custom temperature, I think it is one of the best choices for you.

4. Traditional shower mixing Valve

Most of the shower valve effects on your shower curtain because of the temperature or shower pressure. However, with this valve, you can avoid the problem. If you belong to an older home, surely you will go for it.

This shower valve controls both temperature and pressure and also safe for kids and sensitive skin. For your kids and older person traditional shower mixing valve is well enough and easy to install without a plumber.

5. Diverter valve

A shower diverter comes with three different options. Tee diverter is the most basic and consist of a simple arm type that is truly popular nowadays. Another is a three-valve diverter, this valve allows you to get cold and hot water differently, or you will get both mixers.

The final one is a two-valve diverter; you will get from this section cold and hot water. With this valve, you can easily control the temperature and get the result so fast.

6. Transfer Shower valveTransfer Shower valve

While the diverter valve switches the flow of water between a tub and shower, however, a transfer valve allows your water to get cold or hot water. It is an excellent method that is safe and provides your own desire water.

But it is not a popular method if possible you can avoid this method in your bathroom.

7. Digital shower control

A digital shower panel is an option of choice when you want to full control over the shower without the manual knob. The control has a wide range of programmable functions to operate the shower valve efficiently.

Though it is expensive, I must recommend this method because of safety, user-friendly, easy to operate, and satisfaction. So, if you have enough money to choose this section, you can get this valve for extra advantage.


Overall, a shower valve plays an important role in getting perfect shower water. Experts and doctors always recommend using the perfect shower water as well as temperature because it affects our hair, skin, and health.

I tried my best to provide you popular shower valve information. I hope that you love it and apply when you are going to purchase a shower valve.

This video will help you to know more about different kinds of shower valves, Enjoy!

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