Shower Only Has Hot Water – How to Fix It Yourself?

No hot water in the shower is a very common problem among us, but one may also face the reversed version of this. Oops! There is no cold water in the shower. 

Though showering with cold water is terrifying, hot scorching water is worse than that. It can burn your skin and hair.

Multiple causes are liable for this problem. Mostly, A faulty pressure-balancing valve in a cartridge may cause a shortage of cold water. You can find this valve inside the shower faucet.

Fortunately, taking the help of a few tools and giving effort, you can replace the valve cartridge all by yourself. 

And to help you out, we have noted down all the possible reasons and their fixing process of hot and cold water not mixing in shower in this article. Fixing this no cold water problem is not so difficult. You can fix it with no trouble without any plumbing experience. 

For this, you have to detect the problem. And you will be able to fix the shower only has hot water problem straight away. Don’t waste your time anymore, just dive in!

Shower only has hot water: What are the Reasons? Shower only has hot water

As we mentioned before, various reasons might be behind this problem. It could be either a defective shutoff valve or a faulty pressure-balancing valve/the water mixing valve behind the wall.

  • Shutoff Valve: There are various shutoff valves at home that provide hot water. 

If your shower and the faucet are not providing cold water, Check each of the shutoff valves in the main water supply line of your house. Maybe any shut-off valve is unexpectedly closed. In this case, you can simply find the closed valve and turn it back on and get rid of this problem. 

Once you turn it back on, check the shower. You may get the cold water supply again.

  • Pressure Balance Valve/ water mixing valve: The shower mixing valve problems in the cartridge are the main component that regulates the water supply and the proportion of hot and cold water. Long-time rust and mineral accumulation can damage a cartridge. To test the water mixing valve, you need to get access to it.

For this, you have to cut the drywall using a hacksaw. In any case, if this valve doesn’t work properly, it would either supply only hot or cold water. In your situation, it may produce only hot water. 

But, you can repair it using simple tools. If the water mixing valve is completely broken or too old, you need to replace it. Otherwise, only replacing the cartridge in the mixing valve would work. Install a top-quality water valve cartridge, and it will guarantee you longevity.

But, sometimes the mixing valve location might get shifted inside the shower. To correct the position, you have to check it first. Normally, you can see hot waterside on the left side, and cold waterside on the right side. As there is a lack of cold water, turn the valve to the right and test the water temperature. If you get your desired temperature, you are good to go. 

Required Tools to adjust the valve position: 

To adjust the valve position, you will need some tools. Such as-

So, before starting the fixing process of the issue, collect your tools, and be all set.

How to Replace a Shower Cartridge?How to Replace a Shower Cartridge?

Before starting, you have to buy a new shower cartridge. These are available at your local hardware shop. To find an exact substitute for a new cartridge, you should bring the old cartridge with you to the hardware shop. You can easily remove the old one using a cartridge puller. You can also buy the puller at the hardware shop.

Required Tools to replace an old cartridge:

To replace the cartridge, you need to follow these easy steps-

  1. Before starting, turn off the waterline and remove the handle using a hex wrench.
  2. Put a cloth over the drain to block it completely so separated screws don’t fall in the drain while working.
  3. Remove the screws securing the escutcheon (the plane plate around the handle) and slide out the escutcheon.
  4. With a small screwdriver remove the retaining clip that keeps the cartridge in place. You can also use the needle-nose pliers to take out the retaining clip.
  5. Remove cartridge using piler or Cartridge-pulling wrench (available on Amazon). Remind the cartridge’s orientation while removing it so that you can put it back in the same style. For this, you can take a picture of the orientation to look back on it later.
  6. If you find any mineral deposits on the cartridge, clean it by soaking it in vinegar. Replace the O-rings and any other old pieces. Before replacing, rub the O-rings with a thin coat of silicone grease

Enter the new or fixed cartridge into the faucet. Slip in the retaining clip and set the handle and escutcheon.

After installing the new shower cartridge, you need to turn on your water supply and make sure there is an expected ratio of hot and cold water.

How to get only cold water in the shower in summer?How to get only cold water in the shower in summer

Depending on the place, the temperature can get very high in summer. In some countries, in summer, people don’t need any warm water. So, only cold water in the shower might be wanted. If you live in such weather and asking for an easy solution to only get cold water in the shower in summer, follow this guide.

Firstly, you need to reach the water mixing valve or pressure balance valve in the shower. You can find them in all shower faucets and you have to cut the drywall to fix it. You can use a hacksaw to cut the wall and get the valve.

Now turn the valve to right and examine the water temperature. Since the shower has cold water on the right side, you have to turn the water mixing valve to that side. After doing so, you will be able to get cold water only. 

Why does hot and cold water not mixing in the shower?Why does hot and cold water not mixing in the shower

If you are facing water temperature fluctuation issues at home, you need to know that hot water and cold water won’t mix in the shower. Mostly, a faulty water mixing valve or pressure valve causes such problems. If the valve can’t balance the ratio of hot and cold water properly, your water won’t get mixed.

To get rid of this, you have to change the water valve position. Turn it left if you want a little hot water, and turn it right if you want it cold. To get more reliable performance, you may also replace the cartridge inside the valve.

Final Words

Now, you know how to solve when your shower too hot in the coldest setting. 

Just follow the tutorial we have described if your shower only has hot water. Go and fix your valves and cartridge on your own. By following this easy guideline, anyone can repair it without any plumbing experience.

It also saves you from plumbing costs. You just have to purchase the required tools from local markets, or you can find them in your home.

We especially recommend you purchase a high-quality cartridge for a more solid performance from the shower valve. As longevity comes with good quality. 

If you find the fixing process troublesome, you must appoint an expert plumber. He will help you to repair it smoothly.

If you have any further related queries, please let us know. You can write your thoughts and questions about this article in the comment box below.

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