How to Remove a Shower Handle Without Screws– Easy Steps

We often need to remove the shower handle during the shower hardware or cartridge valve replacement. 

However, if there are no screws, you’ll wonder how to remove a shower handle without screws!

If your shower screws aren’t visible, that means the screws are hidden. To separate them, you might need to find and remove the shower handle base. 

First of all, after revealing the hidden screw, you can remove it using a screwdriver or Allen wrench. Then? 

Then, today we are here to explain the easy ways to remove shower handles without screws. 

Style of Your Shower HandleStyle of Your Shower Handle

Before starting, you need to figure out the style of your shower handle. Because different styles require different methods to remove screws. There are commonly three styles of shower handles. 

1. Knob Handles

Knob handles are quite similar to door handles. These handles are normally round-shaped and are rotated in a circular motion to turn the shower on and off.  Knob handles can also be found in a variety of designs such as jewel, globe, oval, and even square shapes. You don’t need a tight grip to turn a knob. But you might need a tight grip while showering as you are opening and closing the water valve.

2. Lever Handles  

Lever handles are bar-shaped handles on a pivot and work exactly how they sound.  Normally, just like knob handles, you can choose on/off and hot/cold. Furthermore, lever handles are available in various designs. It has many finishes, colors, and textures to meet all styles of bathroom decoration.

3. Cross Handles

Cross handles are named after their cross-like, or X, shape. They also work like knob handles. But, rather than a globe or circular shape, it has an X shape. Cross handles might be helpful for arthritis or fine motor skills patients. Because It is usually easier to grip. It also provides a  vintage feel, therefore Cross handles are an excellent style if you want a retro appearance.

4. Multiple Shower Handles 

There are different types of shower handles like double-handled or single-handle showers. With a Double-handled shower, one unit provides the cold water, while another one provides the hot water. 

In a single-handle shower, there is one knob that brings hot and cold water. Water temperature depends on how you turn it.

Most shower handles don’t have visible screws. It means the screws are hidden and attached to the faucet. Several types can easily twist off a base.

How To Remove a Shower Handle Without Screws: Easy FixesHow To Remove a Shower Handle Without Screws

Sometimes your shower handle may simply twist off of the base. You could find this information in the installation manual. Otherwise, you might get another type of bolt.

We’ve described below the essential steps to remove a shower handle without any screws. To get around this you need to follow these steps. Most of these steps are easy and hardly require any tools. Just in case, you may require a washcloth and an Allen wrench/ key (hex key). 

However, As with any repair, if you find this process difficult, you may better call a specialist. It may cost a service call fee and the original expense of the replacement, which can be pretty expensive.  

Before calling a professional, make sure that the shower handle is not a twist-off. And there are some special tasks to do first (e.g. finding a lock or pushing a buttonmake). Make sure that they are done properly.

Required tools:

To remove a shower handle you may need the following tools.

Here are the essential steps to follow while removing a shower handle without screws:

Step 1: Figure Out Whether It’s a Lever

The lever shower handle needs an Allen key/wrench to remove it securely.  If it is a knob or cross, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Figure out a Name Brand

Checking out the brand’s name will also fix how much work you have to do. Different brands produce different shower handles. So, you may alter your plan according to your shower handle model. Additionally, identifying the brand will help you to discover all the screws or any other necessary steps you should follow.

So, check out the brand name of your shower handle on the knob or lever. If you can find it, It can easily guide you. The manufacturer usually posts guides online. It allows you to know the step-by-step process to remove the handle.

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Step 3: Turn Off The Water

Before starting, turn off the main water supply line of the whole house. Otherwise, your hand will get dirty. While changing any plumbing fixture, experts suggest turning off the main water supply of the house. Even if you use a shut-off valve, things could suddenly get quite dirty. Hence, you should find the valve and turn it in a clockwise motion. Then separate the shower handle to remove the water out. With the water out of your way, you can securely separate the shower handle.

Step 4: Give a Tug to it

If you don’t know the name brand of your knob and find a hole for an Allen key, you should try a tug. The handle can be removed by pulling or tugging until it separates from the tub or shower surround.

Step 4: Give a Twist

Many knobs require a twist or spin before removing them. You probably need to spin it the way opposite the way you set it on. You need to do it slowly and carefully. There is no need to rush it.

It may even be at a separate spot from which you need to spin the knob to turn your water on (higher or lower up). You can use your washcloth if you cannot get a solid grip.  

Step 5: Search for Hidden Screws

Primarily, you need to figure out if the shower faucet handle holds any screws. Most of the time,  the handle covers the screws. As a result, once you’ve lifted the handle cap, you’ll most probably see a screw in the middle. There’s no certainty about that, but you could try this out. If your shower handle has regular screws, it will require you a regular flathead or Phillips screwdriver. The shower handle screw could also be a hidden hex screw. In this case, it might be located close to the base of the handle. If it is a hex screw, you may need an Allen wrench. You can remove the screw by applying an Allen wrench rather than a screwdriver.

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Step 6: Call Professionals

But, if you feel like this is not going to work and may break something, it will be best to stop and contact a professional. Your regular or hex screw might be rusted and broken. As a result, the process might be troublesome for you.

If this is the case, there are a lot of videos on YouTube that you can watch for hacks on this matter. Or you can stick to the initial plan and contact a professional. Although, we are here to assist you with all of your necessary home requirements.

How To Remove a Shower Handle with No Visible Screws?How To Remove a Shower Handle with No Visible Screws

Your shower handle may appear to be screwless but then you may find some hidden screws. These screws simply were not visible previously, which certainly will add a few steps to your procedure.

If the cap does not pop off or unscrew after so many trials, then it has a high chance of a hidden screw around.

After following the above steps if you still cannot remove your shower handle, check out for hidden screws. After checking, you’ll possibly find your shower handle has a hidden screw, and you just avoided it. In this case, follow the steps, starting at step 5. 

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Essential Tips

As you understand by now, there are several techniques to remove the shower handle.

There’s almost always a little screw holding the unit together, even though it might not be visible when you see it at first.

This screw could be on the valve, or below the shower handle.

At the very first step, you have to determine the location of the screw.

What’s most important is that you should always turn off the main water supply line to your house when doing any plumbing job.

You shouldn’t ever take a chance with the water supply.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it. Hopefully, you’ve effectively removed your shower handle.

After removing the shower handle, you should check the set screw to fix the temperature.

In this article, we narrated the most basic steps on how to remove the shower handle without screws. We also described how to remove the shower handle with no visible screws. 

If you have anything to ask us, use the comment box below. 

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