Quick Guide on How to Measure a Bathtub

Some people ask me about how to take measurements of a bathtub. Since sometimes you may be forced to do some jobs independently, measuring a bathtub is simple. What you need is some pieces of knowledge. So if you are running out of some cash and still want to install a bathtub in your bathroom, don’t worry.

You only require some DIY skills, and everything will run smoothly. That’s the exact reason we decided to come up with an article to rescue us from such situations. Doing some DIY jobs on your own is highly recommended to sharpen your skills and save you some money.

Well, our article will try to offer you reliable knowledge so that you correctly take bathtub measurements. So, what you need is only to assemble some essential items like measuring tape and avail yourself. Then, at the end of the report, you will be in a better place to comfortably fix this issue.

Step by step guide on how to measure a bathtubhow to measure a bathtub

Step 1: Assembling essentials

Before we officially launch the process, you should first consider gathering some necessary items. Besides, you are supposed to put on some safety measures like gloves and also have some markings. After you are sure everything is in place, it’s time to move to the next step.

Step 2: Taking measurementsTaking measurements

Before you start to take measurements, you need to understand that there are several tub designs in the market. Naturally, this implies that you should choose a suitable model for your case. But, how can you buy something without having correct measurements? It isn’t easy and therefore whether replacing or installing a new model, measurement is necessary.

While installing a bathtub, some of them can slightly hide under the surroundings. This means that you will have to take real measurements and some guesswork based on the space to be occupied. Bathtubs come in two different types, i.e., enclosed and stand-alone ones.

Stand-alone models don’t require some guesswork; measure their width and length straight. On the other hand, enclosed ones include a surround that can layer some covering materials. Here, it would be best if you had some guesswork. To measure from one edge to another, you should add an inch to the bathtub dimensions from the wall.

An inch is just a fine approximation, but if you intend to have some space where you can use it to hold your shampoo and soap, then you decide to add more. But, it would help if you remembered to jot down every measurement before getting confused about forgetting.

You are allowed to retake the measurements to ensure that the bathtub fits your current dimensions. It would help if you were sure about its width and length.

Step 3: Taking height, width, and length

When taking measurements, you are not supposed to measure the internal area of the tub. By doing so, you will be going the wrong approach. Therefore as much as width and length are concerned, take measurements of the tub’s edge from one point to another.

While measuring heights, start with the bathroom floor, heading to the tub’s top. However, you are not allowed to measure the height from the inner side of the bathtub.

Step 4: Knowing standard measurementsKnowing standard measurements

Even though measurements vary, there are standard dimensions that you can use as long as they are compatible with your previously set standards. This means that you can still use them instead of going through hassles. But it would help if you compared the market’s standard sizes with your measurements.

Some of these standard measurements are; 30-by-60 inches, 32-by-60 inches, 27-by-54 inches, 42-by-72 inches, 42-by-60 inches, 60-by-60 inches, and 32-by-60 inches. Sometimes your measurement might not be exactly what you require, but getting a close number to any standard size is better. For example, you can buy such a bathtub with the nearest standard size to your measurements.

Step5: Determining the suitable sizeDetermining the suitable size

You will meet taller and shorter bathtubs on the market, whereby taller ones are suitable for deep bathing while shorter ones are for the normal shower. Shorter ones are suitable for such showers because you will not be climbing a tub daily. This means that your comfort should come first when selecting a suitable tub.

To buy a bathtub that you can comfortably stretch, you are advised to take measurements of your sitting position’s length and then try comparing it with the tub’s length. Additionally, if you plan to use the tub with your partner, wide-angle models can accommodate two fellows. If you want to use it alone, you can go with one suitable for any small bathroom.

Various styles of bathtubs

Various styles of bathtubs

If you plan to change the style of your current bathtub, then you should know each style’s measurements. Therefore, below are some of the common tub styles;

Walk-in design: This type comes with the simplest design that allows you to access it easily. Its chair height is convenient and equipped with safety features such as grab bars and an anti-slip floor.

Three-wall alcove: This is a style that comes with a rectangular shape and sits between 3 walls. They usually come with 48-by-25 inches average size with 16-inch water depth.

Deck mount: This involves constructing a deck, and then you drop the tub in the surround. The tub will touch the floor of the bathroom. Its sizing will be based on your preference.

Japanese design: This style tends to be very deep, giving you maximum comfort when sitting on it.

Freestanding style: You don’t have walls to install such tubs; you can install them anywhere. Such a design has changed the normal tub installation idea. You will feel comfortable sitting on a normal chair.


  • Which tub size can accommodate a water heater?

The heater comes with different power to handle a specific bathtub. However, a standard-size bathtub can be suitable for most water heaters.

  • What is the bathtub minimum size?

As much as tub size depends on your preference, a normal tub should measure at least 60″ long.

Wrap it up!

Apart from measuring a bathtub, our article has imparted to your knowledge about various designs of tubs. This means that if you find hassles when taking measurements, you opt for those models with standard sizes.

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