Privacy Policy

This page helps you to know of my privacy and policy about the globe shower. I never used your information and data until I contact you about the information.

I have some terms and conditions to you. However, I used your personal information so that I can improve my sites and provide you excellent service.

Information collection

If I need any data from you I personally contact you and then apply my website. But I never collect your name and email so you have not risky any privacy and policy.


A cookie is a file and small data which may identify your data from your browsers. Each of the browsers does this thing. If you do not provide the cookie you can fresh your browsers all of the data so that your data can be safe.


I always care about your security. You can freely visit my website without any security issues. I commercially maintain your data secure. So, I think you have not any problem with security.

Children Privacy

My service does not violate under 18-years kid. If you are a parent of kids and worried about your children’s privacy you can contact me so that I can provide you extra security.

Contact me

I hope that you can understand my privacy and policy. But if you think you have any questions you can contact me so that I can solve each question so fast so good. You can contact me fill-up the contact form. Or you can contact me via email “”.

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