How to Remove Plastic Nut From Toilet Tank – Easy Ways to Follow

In the toilet of your home, several components keep the stuff attached. Locknuts or plastic nuts are one of them. 

The main purpose of lock nuts is to hold fixtures and protect the fill valve above where the water supply hose connects to. These nuts are hard enough to give proper support.

There are times and circumstances when you may need to remove plastic nuts from the toilet tank. Even though if you are going to do this for the first time it may seem to be quite easy, it doesn’t always go in an anticipated way. Most importantly, simply one mistake can ruin the complete process. 

That is why most people lag and don’t know how to remove plastic nut from toilet tank on their own.

In this article, we are going to describe an easy way that you should follow to take off plastic nuts from the toilet tank. 

Why Does the Plastic Nut break?

There might be several reasons behind a plastic nut breaking. Mostly, if the tank is too old, the nut starts breaking down. Additionally, rusted nuts are prone to break down. Breaking plastic nut also leads to water leakage.

Why Do You Need to Remove Plastic Nut On the Bottom of the Toilet Tank?Why Do You Need to Remove Plastic Nut On the Bottom of the Toilet Tank

Before you start removing the plastic nuts from the toilet tank, you should know the reason for removing the plastic nuts from the toilet tank. 

As you know, the plastic nut is nothing but the lock nut at the bottom of the toilet tank. It secures the tank against the bowl with a strong attachment. Additionally, it consumes vibration while flushing the toilet and creates a leak-free connection between the water tube and the toilet tank bottom. But, you may have to remove the plastic nut for some purposes-

  1. To fix the damaged toilet tank
  2. To remove or replace the valves or tubes for maintaining and repairing
  3. To remove or replace rusted or damaged locknuts 

A rusted or damaged locknut can lead you to multiple possible issues. For instance, you may find your toilet leaking at the lock nut. This could end up in an immense mess and stains on the floor. Therefore, It is mandatory to remove the locknut and replace it with a new one.

How to Remove Plastic Nut from Toilet Tank?

How to Remove Plastic Nut from Toilet Tank 

Before starting, make sure the tank is empty, else it will create a mess in the bathroom. Then, drain out all the water with 2 to 3 flush. After flushing, most of the water from the tank will wash away. 

If there is still any water left, use a small hose pipe (possibly a 1-foot long hose pipe). Now fill up the pipe with water and block both sides with your finger. Then, sink one side right inside the toilet tank and keep another side outside. This will begin removing water from the toilet tank. A piece of sponge can also be used to remove the remaining water. Moreover, You can use a wet vacuum to remove the residual water from the tank. Using a wet shop vac you can remove anything that’s left.

Draining out water will enable you to reach the plastic nuts at the bottom of the tank.

Tools you need to remove plastic nuts from the toilet tank: 

Steps to follow while removing plastic nuts:Steps to follow while removing plastic nuts

  • Remove the Tank Lid: At first, you have to remove the lid of your toilet tank. If the tank is made of plastic, the lid will be lightweight and easy to move. But if it is a porcelain or tiles-made lid, it will be heavy and you must be careful while handling it. Because even a slight stroke of any metal(e.g. the wrench or pliers set) may create cracking or scratch on the porcelain. We also recommend placing it in a safe location on a cloth above the floor after removing it.
  • Turn off water supply: To save yourself from dipping your hands into a wet tank, you need to turn off the water supply. Identify the water valve near the toilet tank. Turn it off with a counterclockwise motion. Immediately verify if water is coming inside the tank. Water shouldn’t come if you have turned the valve off completely.
  • Drain Out the Water from The Tank: After turning off the water valve, drain out all of the water from the tank. Check out the method mentioned above. After draining all water, go to the next step.
  • Find out the Plastic Nut: Now you are ready to start removing the nuts. Firstly, locate the plastic nut. You can find it right above the coupling connection.
  • Ensure the Nut is not Rusted: Before removing the plastic nuts from the toilet tank, check for rust in the nuts. If your nuts are rusted, you can’t take a general step. Alternatively, you need to use some oil to release it for trouble-free removal. If your toilet tank is too old, there might be rust in the locknuts.
  • Remove the Nut: If the nut is not rusted, normal pliers or adjustable wrench are enough to remove it. Set the measurement of the plier and move it in an anticlockwise motion. If it makes the nut lose, put more pressure and remove the nut. An adjustable wrench or a spud wrench can also be used while removing the nut. Adjust the wrench shape depending on the nut size and set it on the nut. Next, move the wrench in an anticlockwise motion smoothly to loosen it up. Remove it from the bottom of the tank and you are good to go.

How to Remove a Rusted Nut from a Toilet Tank?

If you find luck in the locknut, it can’t be removed from the toilet tank in a usual method. Before using a wrench or pliers, use lubricants like WD-40 lubricating oil. Wait for a short time so that the oil makes the nut lose. Then you can apply the wrench or plier and regularly remove the locknut.

How to Remove a Stuck Nut from the Toilet Tank?How to Remove a Stuck Nut from the Toilet Tank

Removing the stuck plastic nuts might be difficult if you don’t follow the correct process. Because the regular method may not work removing the stuck nut from the toilet tank. There are two techniques you can try.

  1. Use a hot wet towel to lubricate the nut. It will help to loosen the nut. Next, remove it with the help of a strap wrench or a basin wrench.
  2. Another technique to apply is using conventional pliers. You can use the pliers on the broad setting and open them slightly broader than the plastic nut. You have to place the pliers against the locknut from the top or bottom and turn them.

How to Remove a Stuck Plastic Nut Under the Toilet?How to Remove a Stuck Plastic Nut Under the Toilet

To remove a plastic nut stuck under the toilet, you will need to cut it down. However, cutting with a saw could harm other components around it. So it would be better if you melt down the plastic nut using heat. However, it may seem tough to do but it’s pretty easy.  

All you need to have is a heating torch. Apply the heat straight under the locknut. Once it is melted down, stop and remove the locknut. You must stay careful to avoid melting other plastic parts in the toilet tank. You can use hot water instead of a heating torch. 

How to Prevent the Plastic Nut from Getting Stuck?

If your plastic nut often gets stuck, it needs replacement. You can avoid this kind of trouble by following some simple steps-

  1. Place the locknut against the brass flange. Brass resists rust and so plastic nuts won’t be rusted. As a result, the plastic nut won’t get stuck because of rusts on it and the flange.
  2. Apply nail polish or liquor coat on the locknut. It also holds the nut in the best state to prevent rust and stuck. You can also apply for the same purpose.
  3. Use a nut cap to prevent it from degrading. They guarantee a prolonged lifespan of your plastic nut.

Final Thoughts 

So, here we rest down our explanation of how to remove the plastic nut from the toilet tank. The method is simpler than you imagine. Plus, it is a money-saving task. Because appointing a plumber may be very costly. 

Follow the process step by step as explained above to remove your locknut. If you use heat for removing the nut, we suggest using safety accessories. To avoid likely risks use safety gloves and goggles. Ensure using a good-quality lock nut as a replacement, which can guarantee durability. Also, make sure that you have got the toilet tank empty and turned off the main water supply to prevent any wet mess. Also, don’t forget to turn on the supply line after completing the process. Else, the tank won’t be filled up for the water needed to flush the toilet after use.

We hope this post has been useful to you. Hope you have got the right method to remove plastic nuts from the toilet tank all by yourself without any professional experience. Besides describing the regular way, we have also noted some cases you may face while removing plastic nuts. As long as you follow this tutorial and methods, you can remove plastic nuts from the toilet tanks without ruining anything.

The toilet from hell…removing the spud nut could be a tricky proposition, if you’re working by yourself. What’s a sput nut anyway, you might be asking. It’s the big nut that is on the bottom of the toilet tank, keeping the rubber gasket on there nice & tight. Every toilet from hell has one. The rubber gasket assembly might not look exactly like this one, but on older toilets, you might. This toilet spud nut is on nice & tight so make sure you have a wrench large enough, to remove it

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