No Hot Water in Shower but Hot Water in Sink – Reasons & Fixing

A hot water shower in the morning is the best way to keep your body fit and fresh for the entire day.

But if your shower is supplying cold water even in the cold morning, It’s pretty enough to worsen your day.

No hot water in shower but hot water in sink is such an unwanted issue in the bathroom. For most users, it is strange to notice that hot water appears in your sink but not in the bathroom’s shower. However, it can happen for some specific reasons. Besides, it is fixable. By using the proper tools, you will be able to fix it following today’s outlined accurate steps of the post.

When you get hot water almost everywhere except for your shower, two possible explanations are responsible. The first reason is a faulty installation of your anti-scald device. In maximum cases, installing the device into very high temperatures will bring some unwanted situations. It will not function properly resulting in a hot water problem. So, you will find the bathroom shower doesn’t have hot water. The defective shower valve is the second but the most common cause. In today’s guide, we will talk about the main possibilities for getting a better solution. Let’s jump on this.

Why There Is No Hot Water in Shower but Hot Water in Sink: Possible Reasons

At times, you find all the home facets have hot water, yet the shower won’t have it. This may happen due to a defective mixing valve that is controlling the hot water. Additionally, if your anti-scald tool installation is done too high, the device may not work properly. You should always check for all possible etiologies to identify the main reason. And, fix the issue.

As discussed earlier,  two main reasons are responsible for this reason. Here we are going to the details:

Reason 1: Anti-Scald DeviceNo Hot Water in Shower but Hot Water in Sink

The shower knob or handle contains a device which is controlling the rotation of your shower handle. The device is called the anti-scald device. This is a wonderful safety feature for the water faucet which will ensure you remain safe when using or taking the shower.

From getting the hot water in your shower, usually, you will move or rotate the handle to the hot indication. As a consequence, you can get hot water. But, this device will limit circulation to a different point. Ultimately, it will appear the water is not getting too hot.

When your anti-scald device won’t work in the correct way or the position becomes high, you may notice the shower is not having hot water. Or the water is not so hot. It occurs if your device can’t identify the temperature of the water. Also, it stops circulation before getting the water hot.

How to Fix?

The proper way to understand the device’s function is by inspecting the water temperature while keeping the device for various positions in the faucet. For doing this, remove your shower handle. Then, an anti-scald device should be located. Use a Screwdriver for removing the handle head.

For ensuring the anti-scald device is not functioning, you have to verify the matter. Now slightly shift the anti-scald device in the proper direction. Then, inspect whether the water is becoming hot or not getting hot. If you notice the water isn’t getting hot enough, it may be the main problem.

Now, more turning towards the right. Then, notice the water temperature until you will become sure that the water is warm enough. Once you find out the optimal position, this anti-scald device needs to be fixed on the point. Also, the head of the shower handle should be placed.

You may buy this mixing valve that comes with the best scalding position.

Reason 2: Faulty Mixing Valve of WaterFaulty Mixing Valve of Water

In the traditional shower, a mixing valve of water is situated in the handle. The location of a valve is behind the bathroom wall. It will ensure cold along with hot water to mix properly. Thus, warm water is provided in your shower. If the anti-scald tool works but hot water becomes cold following hot, the mixing valve may be responsible.

However, the mixing valve will not work properly due to the fault. Consequently, it delivers hot water within a few minutes. Whereas, the water goes cold quickly. Therefore, you can notice no hot water in the shower but hot water in the sink. There might be two things in your shower’s mixing valve. They are the malfunctioning mixing valve and damage or old cartridge.


Get into the proper accession of the mixing valve place for them. For access, the drywall should be resized into a square shape. Inspect the valve damage level about the disability of maintaining the warm water ratio. In parallel, observe the cartridge mineral store level. If the mixing valve is hampered entirely, you need a full replacement. Nonetheless, the old cartridge can be fixed with little replacement.

You can check our article on how to replace an old cartridge.

Hopefully, you won’t have to face the fact that hot water is running out rapidly again.

Here is our recommended best shower mixing valve from Amazon for you: Moen-2510-Posi-Temp-Balancing-Connections Valve

What’s Making The Shower Water Hotter?

For making the shower water hotter, a good quality water heater is the most common method to use. Besides, the thermostat setting can be changed simply as it is located behind the shower wall. Moreover, the anti-scald tool should be set to the correct position for getting the hotter water. Nevertheless, if you don’t find any way to do the task, certainly you will require a professional plumber.

What You Should Do When The Hot Water Is Not Working In Your Shower Only?What You Should Do When The Hot Water Is Not Working In Your Shower Only

If you unexpectedly find the shower is not having hot water but the other faucets still function, you should check all of the possible reasons. As we mentioned earlier, the mixing valve or the anti-scald tool could be the cause. In case of a reason for an anti-scald tool, evaluate the position of the device.

Change the device’s position as well as check the temperature of the water simultaneously. At one point, you will get hot water. For a defective mixing water valve, the solution is replacing or fixing it. Indeed, few critical problems will need an expert’s help to solve. In such instances, an expert plumber should be contacted for fixing your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why isn’t my shower heating up?

If the shower water is not getting desired hot, the temperature control of your water heater may be responsible for this. In the case of having the older unit, the dip tube of the water supply could become deteriorated. As a consequence, a worn dip tube sends the cold water towards the hot water pipe which later results in no hot water.

  • How come my hot water isn’t working?

A water heater which is producing no hot water has some issues beneath the problem. It may not get adequate power. Also, it might have a stumbled limit switch or several failed heating components. Initially, check the circuit breaker of the water heater in the service board for assuring about the stumbling. For the tripped breaker, turn off the switch. Then, switch on the breaker again.

Final Verdict

Indeed, it is an essential task to detect the possible reasons and then proceed further. We hope this post will help you to solve the issue of no hot water in the shower but hot water in the sink. Certainly, you should consider following the described steps. Moreover, it will never be a big problem by gathering basic knowledge. Nevertheless, when you won’t be able to fix the problem, contact a plumber to solve it.

Also, you can plan to purchase a water heater for the shower. 

Happy bathing!

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