Moen Shower Faucet Won’t Turn off-How to Fix It

Sometimes your shower may fail to turn off even after turning it off. This is a symptom that the shower faucet has been damaged and requires immediate fixation to prevent excess water on the floor from growing molds. In most cases, the shower faucet fails to turn off due to the failure of the shower cartridge.

A shower faucet that fails to turn off can be so stressful but easy to fix as long as you follow the recommended steps to fix the shower faucet. Before contacting a professional plumber to help you fix the problem, it is advisable to troubleshoot the problems on your own by following the steps described in the article.

Causes of shower faucet not turning offCauses of shower faucet not turning off

Several reasons can result in your Moen shower faucet not turning on. For instance, a cartridge may be worn with time, resulting in malfunctioning. Once the cartridge fails to function as required, the shower faucet will fail to turn off the shower water.

Secondly, damaged or cracked shower faucet handles can also be why shower water won’t turn off. Therefore, it is advisable to inspect your shower faucet to determine any problems that may cause the Moen shower faucet to fail to turn off.

Also, damaged shower stems and debris that has stuck in the shower system prevent the shower faucet from turning, resulting in water running out of the shower without any control. In such cases, the problem requires an immediate address to avoid causing more damages.

Steps on how to fix Moens shower faucet won’t turn offmoen shower faucet won't turn off

Step 1: Collect all materials required to resolve the issue

In this situation, the materials required include; screwdriver, a new cartridge and a grip.

Step 2: Disconnect the water supply to the shower

Firstly, locate the position of the water valve in the house. Disconnect the water valve supplying water to the whole house to stop shower water from continuously running. Check the main water valve again to ensure that it is completely off before proceeding to the next steps. 

Step 2: Close your Moen shower drain

The shower drain can be closed by either covering the drain using a piece of cloth, especially using a towel, or disengaging the shower from the shower drain. In addition to that, ensure you are careful when disconnecting the shower from the shower drain to avoid damaging the shower/bathtub.

Step 3: pull the shower faucet handles carefully using a screwdriver and a wrench

First, find the position of the nuts holding the handle in position. Using a screwdriver and a wrench, place the screwdriver on the screws you intend to remove and adjust the screws by moving the screwdriver in the clockwise direction. After removing all screws holding the shower faucet handle in position, remove the faucet handles slowly and correctly.

Step 4: Disconnect the cartridge and plastic turning device screws from the shower faucet

Using a screwdriver, unscrew all bolts holding the cartridge in position. This can be done by using the following steps. First, position the screwdriver on the bolt you want to remove and adjust it slowly until the bolt is removed.

Repeat the process for all nuts holding the cartridge to loosen it. After loosening the cartridge as required, loosen the plastic device and pull the screws holding both the plastic device and the cartridge off from the shower faucet.

Step 5: Pull out the clip that positions the shower clip

After loosening the cartridge and the plastic turning device, remove the clips holding the cartridge and the plastic turning device together. Keep the clip safe until you are done fixing the Moen shower faucet that won’t’ turn off.

Step 6: Remove and get rid of the old cartridge

Once you have removed, that is, holding the cartridge and the plastic turning device, gently pull the malfunctioning cartridge and dispose of it according to the manufacturer’s instruction. To remove the cartridge, you will be required to use a pair of vice grips to pull the cartridge.

When removing the cartridge, be careful to avoid damaging other parts such as shower pipes. Moreover, avoid using too much pressure when removing the damaged cartridges.

Step 7: Bring the new cartridge you want to install

After removing the old cartridge, bring the new cartridge you want to install. The cartridge usually has an important lube that is placed inside to ensure a smooth installation process.

Step 8: Plug in the new cartridge

Plugin the new cartridge you want to install. Place the cartridge in the right position and ensure it perfectly lines the cold and hot sections, just like the initial cartridge.

Step 9: Install all parts removed back to their correct position

After inserting the new cartridge, install all other parts you removed, such as clips and the screws. Screw each part tightly into its correct location.

Step 10. Test your Moen shower

Switch on the main water supply valve you turned off and allow water to slow for some minutes. Turn on your shower and see if the shower faucet turns off and on as usual. If the problem persists, consult a licensed plumber to help you fix the problem.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I fix my Moen shower faucet that won’t turn off apart from installing a new cartridge?

Before installing a new cartridge, you can try fixing your Moen shower faucet using the following ways;

  1. Tighten any loose screws holding the cartridge and test if the faucet turns on and off as usual. To tighten the loose screws, you will be required to use a screwdriver.
  2. Try fixing faucet handle issues that can cause the shower faucet not to turn on and off as usual.
  3. Install new faucet handles and see if the issue is fixed. But, if all ways fail to fix the problem, consult a plumber.
  • How do you loosen a moen faucet handle?

You can remove the handle by loosening the screw found at the back of the handle. You can use a 3/32 hex wrench screw in order to loosen it completely. Once you have removed the handle, you can unscrew the spout collar nut counterclockwise as you lift the spout by rotating it.


Sometimes you may experience problems with your shower, such as the shower faucet failing to turn on and off. The issues can hinder your daily routine of taking a shower if not fixed as early as possible. Luckily, the information above will help you fix the problems successfully.

Moreover, the article above also shows other methods you can use to fix your Moen shower faucet apart from installing a new cartridge. Finally, ensure you follow the steps carefully and carefully handle every part to avoid damaging shower parts.

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