How to Make Suction Cups Stick in Shower (Complete Guide)

Suction cups are used for hanging things with bathroom substances such as bathing cloth. Moreover, suction cups provide additional space for storing things such as hanging light clothing. However, suction cups do not support heavyweight since heavyweight leads to the pulling away of suction cups from the wall. Once the suction cups fall off from the walls, they can be fixed back using recommended steps.

Sometimes, your bathroom lacks a place to hang your towel or anything while showering. Using suction cups is the best way of adding storage space to your bathroom for hanging materials such as a towel. This article describes the best steps of how to install suction cups in your bathroom successfully.

Steps on how to make suction cups stick in the shower

Suction cups stick when you follow the recommended steps for sticking suction cups. Also, they stick better when both the suction cups and the walls are clean. The following steps will guide you on how to fix the suction cups in your shower.

Step 1: Locate the best bathroom area to stick your suction cups

First, inspect your shower area keenly. Locate the best place to stick your suction cups. Ensure the place you have selected is smooth.

Step 2: Clean the surface on which you are going to stick your suction cups

Carry out thorough cleaning on the bathroom wall you are planning to stick the suction cups using clean soapy water. Rinse the wall with clean water and dry it using a clean cloth. Leave the wall to dry completely. Repeat the cleaning process to remove stubborn dirt and stains.

When cleaning the wall, it is advisable to use alcohol or some white vinegar to remove any oil or grease that can damage your suction cups.

Step 3: Wash the suction cups

Using warm water and soap, wash the suction cups. Rinse the suction cups using warm water to keep the suction cups soft and smooth.

Step 4: Rinse the suction cups

Rinse the suction cups using warm water and shake off the excess water from the cups. Ensure you don’t dry the suction cups completely.

Step 5: Push suction cups stiffly on the wall

Push your suction cup firmly on the bathroom area you selected. Ensure the suction cup you are pressing on the wall contains some warm water to help it stick on the wall.

Step 6: Repeat the process for all suction cups

After sticking the first suction cup, repeat the process and stick the number of suction cups you desire to fix on the bathroom wall. Ensure all suction cups firmly stick to the wall without falling off.

Step 7: leave the suction cups to sit for some time

After sticking the suction cups successfully, leave them to settle for approximately 28 hours. Moreover, leaving the suction cups for a couple of hours allows water inside the suction cups to dry completely. 

Also, it allows the suction cups to stick firmly on the wall. In addition to that, avoid hanging things on the suction cups to prevent them from falling off. To increase the elasticity of your suction cups, expose the suction cups to boiling water for approximately three to five minutes.

Step 8: Squeeze the suction cups to get rid of any air inside

After the suction cups have sat for 28 hours, squeeze the suction cups gently to remove as many air pockets inside the cups as possible. Frequently check the suction cups to ensure they stick firmly on the wall. Test the suction cups by hanging a few things to ensure the suction cups are firmly held in position.

Once the suction cups fall off, repeat the process carefully and stick the fallen suction cup. While making your suction cups stick on the wall, take the following into considerations.

  • Keep the suction cups at the required temperature by using a thermostat if you have one. Low temperatures can make your suction cups fall from the wall. If your place is experiencing low temperatures, try making the bathroom warmer by using a thermostat.
  • Ensure you keep your suction cups in the recommended humidity. Low or high humidity can affect the griping of the suction cups on the bathroom wall. In this case, a carrier infinity touch thermostat can help you maintain the humidity of your bathroom to prevent suction cups from pulling away.
  • Push suction cups on the wall while they contain warm water to help the stick firmly on the wall.
  • Ensure the surface on which you are placing your suction cups is clean and smooth.
  • Avoid hanging heavy materials on the suction cups.

Alternatives used instead of suction cups

Some people don’t prefer using suction cups in their showers for hanging materials. Luckily, many substitutes are used in place of suction cups. The alternatives include;

1. Hook and loop materials

Hook and loop are two materials that need to be attached to function as required. The materials can be stuck on the bathroom walls to hold in position all types of materials as long as they can support the weight of the material being hanged.

2. Gummy putty

Gummy putty is also known as sticky putty. Gummy putty is a sticky substance that is usually attached to the walls to hold materials in position. The substance can be placed in the shower area to hold materials commonly used in the bathroom, such as a towel.

3. Double-sided sticky tape

Both sides of the tape contain a gum-like substance that sticks on the bathroom walls. Once you have stuck the tape on the wall, you can hang ant materials in the shower room. In addition to that, the double-sided tape is used for other functions such as hanging project materials like charts.

4. Sticky hook

The sticky hook is also known as adhesive. The hook has one side covered with a gummy-like substance that can be stick on the wall of your bathroom. Once the sticky side is mounted on the wall, the other side has a hook used to hang materials.

The above alternatives are used in place of suction cups. To use the substitutes, ensure you follow each manufacturer’s instructions carefully to mount the substitute on the wall and the amount of weight each substance can hold.

Frequently asked questions about Suction Cups Stick in Shower:

  • How can I fix my suction cups which keep falling off the wall?

If your suction cups are not sticking on the walls, first check the condition of both your bathroom wall and suction cups. Ensure the wall you are mounting your suction cups is smooth and the suction cups are not inferior. Consider the following to make your suction cups stick on the wall:

  1. Fix the suction cups at a warm temperature
  2.  Mount the suction cups on smooth walls if you are using rough walls. You can smoothen your walls by scrubbing the wall using a hard bathroom brush.
  3. Consider the bathroom humidity of your bathroom before mounting your suction cups.


Suction cups stick on the surface of the wall better when there is a warm temperature. If you want to install the suction cups on the wall in the bathroom, follow the steps above carefully. While following the steps, remember to consider following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, the information above has helped you understand the substitutes of suction cups in case suction cups are unavailable at the moment. Enjoy hanging your materials in the bathroom wall after successfully making your suction cups.

For Making Suction Cups Stick in Shower, You should watch this video below;

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