Do Ice Baths Help You Lose Weight?  A Myth Or The Truth

Plunging the body in cold water is a more efficient technique to simultaneously cool down several muscle groups. Right now, all the Ice Baths are the vogue. Hot-intensity exercise, endurance training or training with excentric muscular contractions, Ice baths are most effective.

In addition to outdoor swimming, its use has increased as the coronavirus pandemic started to sweep the globe. Like an ice pack, oedema and muscle injury are reduced by blood vessels being constrained and metabolic activity being reduced.

A fatty area such as the thighs or stomach might burn down hard to transfer the calories simply by strapped the icepack for just 30 minutes. The brown adipose fat and muscles can be activated by Ice Baths and cold showers.

The cold compresses transform the body into flabby white fat and into ‘beige’ fat, which brings calories. Once triggered, they release several hormones and burn white fat tissue to help you lose weight.

Let’s not get started with all the information here; we have discussed everything you need to know about Ice Bath regarding help you to lose weight. 


What Is The Purpose of Ice Baths?What Is The Purpose of Ice Baths

Ice baths decrease pain and improve healing by altering the flow of blood and other bodily fluids. Your body’s local temperature is also reduced, which aids in limiting immune responses and therefore allowing you to heal faster. Ice baths, on the other hand, may reduce strength and muscular development increases.

A 2015 research published in the Journal of Physiology found that long-term increases in muscle mass and strength were reduced.

Your blood vessels constrict when you sit in cold water; when you get out, they dilate (or open back up). This procedure aids in the removal of the metabolic waste following an exercise. Coldwater immersions have been found to activate this process, therefore boosting your immune system and helping you maintain your weight.

If you have access to a cold tub, soak in it at least twice per week.

Are there Supposed To Be Any Side-effect of Ice Bath?Are there Supposed To Be Any Side-effect of Ice Bath

Extreme exposure to cold conditions increases the growth of the mitochondria, the aerobic respiration engines in muscle tissue. The most apparent side effect of an ice bath is feeling extremely chilly while immersed in cold water.

There is a risk of ice baths for individuals with pre-existing cardiovascular problems or conditions and patients with high blood pressure.

However, there are also other concerns to consider beyond this apparent side effect. One side effect or ice bath danger might be hypothermia. If you get immersed in the ice for a longer duration, this is more hazardous. You may be at risk of suffering a heart stroke or heart arrest if your blood flow decreases.

Do Ice Baths Help You Lose Weight? How?

Now if let’s get to know if ice baths really help you lose weight and how- 

1. Ice Bath Releases Hormonesdo ice baths help you lose weight

Brown fat is fat in all individuals, large or little, or brown adipose tissues. Research in 1991 revealed that although physical exercise did, cold water stimulation has had no effect on testosterone levels. A 2007 study shows that brief low-temperature exposure really reduces blood testosterone levels.

Two investigations, both in 2007 and 2009, revealed connections between cold temperature and brown fat activation. Take a bath in an ice-cream: Add ice to the water and remain submerged for 10 – 15 minutes only, while maintaining the temperature between 50°F and 59°F (10°C and 15°C).

However, in brief research in 2017, ice baths may not be as helpful as specialists had previously thought.

Irisin is one of the hormones. The cuisine is a hormone that can trigger favourable adipose tissue modifications that enhance muscular activity. Therefore, modest cuisine increases result in alleviation of diet-induced insulin resistance. 

The FGF21 is another. It controls central metabolism. FGF 21 is expressed and interacts in a range of metabolic organs.

They also discovered an inverse link between white and dark fat. A 2009 study found that short immersions of less than 59°F (15°C) in the water had increased metabolisation.

But extensive studies have not shown that repeated eel plunges lead to considerable loss of weight.

2. Increases Core Body TemperatureIncreases Core Body Temperature

Imagine yourself in a cold, freezing room. Your body starts to shiver, right? Our body is designed to instantly take action to keep us warm if it feels cold.

When we are taking an ice bathIrisin is one of the hormones. Our corebody temperature will rise, and it will take fule from the stored fat in our body. Of course, we will have to have a balanced diet. If your body has a constant supply of fat, then it will be of no use.

Just like that, just after an ice bath, do not take a warm shower. Not even with normal temperature water. But if you are going through a balanced diet, then your muscles have less fat, and while having an ice bath, your muscles will use those fat as fuel to keep yourself warm., It may instantly stop the process.

But if you are feeling too cold even after one hour or two, then take a warm shower. It will make you feel better. 

3. Great Blood CirculationGreat Blood Circulation

So this one will be a bit smaller. It is kind of similar to the one we described just above. Cold temperature or ice bath makes our body circulate warm blood to every corner of our body. This actually a great way to lose fat that the blood that has never been run this much can actually take these fats to get urinated. 

This mechanism helps to remove after-workout metabolic waste, Clayton explains. He says that it’s especially true for lymph, a clear fluid consisting of white blood cells and your intestinal fluid. That means this blood circulation can actually help you lose fat by disposing of human waste.

4. Improve Physical PerformanceImprove Physical Performance

This one you may think what it has to do with losing weight? But if you think it out for a moment, you can actually figure it out. Still can’t? Okay, let us describe-

We know after a long, hard or brutal workout, an icebath can actually relax you, calm your muscles and give you the rest needed. Ice Baths after the game will not make you an athlete better. But it is more perceived than anything else. You will feel better.

Those healing processes already occur so that they have a different impact if you work out and then wait one hour.  After that, an ice bath just has an ice bath and relax your muscles. And be ready for the next day to exercise more.

This physical improvement will help you to work out more and have better results in losing weight.

Considerations To Keep In Mind While Having Ice bathConsiderations To Keep In Mind While Having Ice bath

  • Don’t Over Do It

For the first time, if you are doing it, do not start with a shallow temperature or with too much ice. Start slowly and then increase the icing gradually. And the minimum time you need to relax is 15-20 minutes. If the temperature is too low, then don’t prolong the bath. But you live in a hot region, then the time can prolong by 5 to 10 minutes. 

  • Don’t Rush Yourself

Don’t just go and dip yourself in an ice tub immediately after your workout. Wait at least one hour to bring down the heart rate. Just like that, don’t rush yourself to have a warm shower just after getting out of the ice. Let the course run and wait for sometimes for the cold to get irradicated. 

  • Try Stretching after the bath

Dry off the water and roll your muscles off with The Stick afterwards and enjoy a nice stretch. Not only does this assist you to remove extra toxins from your muscles, but it also makes you feel ready to go to bed.


  • Do ice baths burn calories?

Answer: Calories are burned as heat, and most of these calories are fat,” he added. You ought not to begin this cold turkey strategy, Ferris stated. Start with cold showers and work on ice packs three times a week, then ice bath.

  • How long should you sit in an ice bath?

Answer: Try to spend as long as possible in the ice bath, but don’t exceed 15 minutes. It is advisable to work up to the recommended 15 minutes without exceeding the limits of your body. Use warm clothes to keep exposed parts warm on the upper side of your body.

  • Can you freeze your own fat cells at home?

Answer: The procedure results in reducing and destroying residual fatty cells in the region over the next several weeks. DIY CoolSculpting usually includes ice cubes or other items that have been frozen. This is done to freeze fat cells. But ice at home just freezes your skin, and no fat cells are rid of.

  • Does ice make you gain weight?

Answer: People who consume ice with flavoured syrup can have an increased risk of gaining weight and health issues associated with heavy sugar use.

  • What happens if you stay in an ice bath too long?

Answer: If the blood flow decreases, which Gardner said puts you at risk for heart arrest and stroke, this may prove dangerous. Another concern is hypothermia, particularly if you are overly immersed in the ice bath.

Closing Words

Now those are the reasons that you can or can not have an ice bath. But ice baths do help to reduce weight. Maybe in a prolonged process, but our body weight does reduce. So follow the proper process. 

What do you think of these guides? Anything that we could have added? Please let us know. 

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