Do Bidets Splash All over the Place? You Should Need to Know

Sometimes, when I inform people that I own a bidet, I have to answer the major question, “do bidets splash all over the place? I want to assure you that this situation rarely happens depending on the model you are using.

A good number of upgraded bidet seats are associated with repeatable and correct pressurized water streams. This means that you can control and determine where the water should land. Additionally, many seats offer a twistable water nozzle, allowing you to maximize the jet location.

Suppose you have ever experienced bidets that splash everywhere because you are at the right place. Since these items are used to cleanse your genitals or backside, it’s time to take it positively. Our guide will equip you with necessary information on whether bidets splash all over the place or not. Continue reading our article.

Can I poop in my bidet?Can I poop in my bidet

Yes, it is possible because all these toilets or seats utilize a traditional-design toilet for driving waste away. In addition, most of these systems come to a whole system, and the seats plus other attachments are attached to an available toilet. Therefore, pooping in them won’t be an issue. Remember, bidets are comfortable with any flushable product or regular waster as long as they can go down the toilet.

However, a stand-alone toilet can sound a bit different, usually situated close to the toilet. Therefore, this type of toilet should be used to wash because it is only suitable for handling smaller waste deposits.

Hygiene facts about bidetsHygiene facts about bidets

A bidet does a thorough cleaning compared to toilet paper. It has the power to completely clear fecal matter from your backside while preventing waste from splashing all over your toilet bowl or body. This means that you will end up with a fresher and cleaner bum.

Therefore, if you plan to enhance your hygiene, bidets can make an excellent sanitary washroom solution. You don’t have to worry about poop particles spreading everywhere, but drive down your toilet.

Step by step guide on using a bidetdo bidets splash all over the place

If you are planning to visit another country, then you should prepare to meet bidets. These toilet extensions are mainly found in the United States, mostly in Hotel Chains and Breakfast points. Of course, the US is just an example, but you will find many countries using bidet toilets.

They resemble a normal toilet but are associated with warm water jets used for personal cleanliness after using them. You will meet these attachments installed close to toilets and are helpful. It doesn’t matter if you are physically challenged or have some dexterities. Anyone can utilize bidets, even those fellows with serious medical conditions like diarrhea, hemorrhoids, dysentery, among others.

However, for a better hygiene experience, you should have some knowledge on how to use them. Your first interaction might be challenging, but I want to assure you they are simple and safe to use. Therefore, I will take you through some straightforward instructions on you to utilize a bidet correctly.

Remember, using these items carefully won’t spread poop all over your place. You don’t worry about its usage at all because our article has everything.

Step 1: Using the normal toilet

Before you start using a bidet, you must first be able to use a normal toilet. This steep is, therefore, simply because it’s self-explanatory. The main purpose of the bidet is usually to clean your backside immediately after you are through with your business.

Step 2: Finishing up

After you are through with pooping or peeing, you are advised to use toilet paper and wipe your bum normally. Then, throw the toilet paper into the toilet; doing so will reduce excess feces from driving out of the bidet.

You are also required to dry-wipe the bidet before using it and whenever you make some bowel movements. Remember, too much fecal matter can lead to clogging, affecting your bidet drain. In addition, clogging might be problematic to that person who will use the toilet after you. It would help if you, therefore, were careful not to overwork the bidet.

Step 3: Utilizing the bidetUtilizing the bidet

Mostly, stand-alone bidets tend to come with a design that allows you to either face water controls of the bidets or face away. This is just similar as you could have done when using a typical toilet. You can easily control the temperature or flow of the water when facing the controls. However, when you have pants, you will be forced to get rid of them to use the bidet correctly.

We have various designs of bidets, meaning that your body part or jet configuration may determine which way to face. Well, if the bidet you’re using comprises both cold and hot water controls, it’s wise to begin by releasing hot water. Then, its spray valve should be opened until the water distance reaches something like 6-8 inches high.

After experiencing some hot water, twist the valve responsible for letting out cold water until its spray feels comfortable. You also want to make sure that the spray column doesn’t go beyond one foot. This rule might be changed based on varying environmental conditions, i.e., in places with hot climates like the Middle East, where you are supposed to begin with cold water. In such places, water will not take too long to get warm, meaning that you may end up with burnt critical parts if you first opt for the hot water.

Additionally, it would help if you were careful while releasing the water because many bidets emit pressurized water jets with only a simple rotation of the water control. Therefore, you have to know where the expected water will be released from against the time, or you may experience an impromptu shower. Unfortunately, though, sometimes you may be forced to stick on the control for continuous jets.

Step 4: Cleaning with a bidet

Span the bidet, landing on edge, and your bum should be aligned with the spray water column. You need to understand that most of these items don’t come with seats, but you can still sit on them, right on the slip/rim. After placing your bum over the rim, it’s now time to adjust the spray valve slowly. Continue with the adjustment until you achieve the right pressure to flush away the remaining matters from your bum.

Alternatively, you may meet bidets that don’t feature water jets but just a faucet. It works simply like a normal sink basin, and therefore you are required to use a piece of soap and bare hands to make yourself clean. It sounds similar to what you could have done while in the shower.

Step 5: Drying yourself

Once you are through cleaning your bum and genital areas, you can go on and dry yourself. Drying yourself is simple because most of these bidets come with an inbuilt air dryer. However, there is a cloth towel, but you should not use it to dry your bum; strictly use it to dry your hands. But, in case the dryer fails to make you dry, don’t hesitate to utilize any available paper towels or toilet paper to make yourself comfortable again.

After drying yourself, you shouldn’t throw the toilet paper into your bidet as you may cause clogging, hence punishing the next user.

Precautions when using bidets

  • Don’t wash your feet using public bidets. We have seen some folks utilizing bidets to clean off their feet.
  • If you are a visitor, ask whether a certain bidet is meant for washing babies. For example, some homes have specified items to serve the interest of family members. Seek clarification on which bidet to use.
  • For female gender only. Bidets make excellent solutions to help females clean their genitalia after intercourse. The process is just similar, but there’s no need for toilet tissue.
  • You should not drink water from a bidet. The water coming from a bidet may sound like it’s meant for drinking, but you should avoid it. Besides, this water may bounce back some fecal matter which is unhygienic.
  • If you are not comfortable with the safety of the bidet’s water, don’t use it on irritated or broken skin. You may easily fall sick after using such water. This means that you should be careful.

Frequently asked question:

  • Am I supposed to wipe my bum after using the bidet?

Technically, you are not supposed to wipe your bum after utilizing a bidet. I say so because some of these come with inbuilt air dryers to do the task for you. However, if whatever you are using is cheaper, don’t expect an air-dryer instead of wiping yourself.

  • How can a bidet determine where to spray?

Its nozzle will remain retracted in the seat until you span on the wash button. This means that the position changes when you initiate the cleansing process. Sometimes these nozzles carry self-cleans after every use.

Final words

If you have never come across such items in main washrooms, it’s time to get one and install it in your house. Don’t worry about how to use it because this article has every piece of information. Therefore, bidets don’t splash all over your place as long as you use them correctly. It will only become messy when you know nothing about these items. 

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