How to Clean Shower Tiles without Scrubbing- Ultimate Guide

There are several approaches that you can employ in cleaning shower tiles instead of scrubbing. One of my friends asked me whether there is a straightforward method to clean her shower tiles, claiming that she is tired of scrubbing. From this question, I realized one thing; many use carpet rather than tile floors.

If you are asking the same question, then I want to tell you that it is possible. Apart from tiles being durable, cleaning them is also straightforward. This article should provide you with enough answers on why you shouldn’t scrub your shower tiles.

After some years, you will start seeing the tiles wearing, and their gloss diminishes, easily exposing dirt accumulation. In addition, soap scum may accumulate in your bathroom after taking a shower; your tiles will be stained due to regular water exposure. Since you want to know easier ways to clean your bathroom, continue reading our paper.

Ultimate guide on cleaning shower tiles

Solution 1: Using hydrogen peroxide & baking sodahow to clean shower tiles without scrubbing

These cleaning detergents are not harmful to the environment since we mostly use them in our various homes for different applications. Besides, you can easily find them around your homes. On top of that, these items tend to be affordable compared to a good number of store-bought cleaners.

When getting rid of mildew or mold from shower tiles, prepare a hydrogen peroxide and water mixture in the 2:1 ratio. Pour the solution into your spray bottle and then apply it over the mold. Give the mixture around 35 minutes to work on the mold growth.

With the help of the scouring pad, wipe the mold before rinsing the tiles. When tackling stains like grout or soap stain, you should combine both the cleaners (hydrogen peroxide and baking soda). Use their equal ratio and then apply the mixture over the stained areas. You will have clear and shiny tiles with this potent blend.

Solution 2: Baking soda & VinegarBaking soda & Vinegar

Baking soda remains one of the commonly used cleaning agents for households. In your shower tiles, it serves two purposes: it gets rid of bad odors as well as removing stains—mixing with vinegar results in a powerful solution that can easily eliminate stains from your tiles.

It can work incredibly on grout and soap scum on your shower tiles after mixing it with water. Add some vinegar drop and allow it to undergo a chemical process.

Leave the mixture for about an hour for the bubbles to settle down; the dirt will be driven away. Use a stiff brush to scrape away dirt, then rinse it. Remember to dry well your shower tiles to prevent mildew and mold growth.

Solution 3: Using dishwashing detergent & VinegarUsing dishwashing detergent & Vinegar

As much as shower tiles are concerned, Vinegar will substitute a ‘charm.’ The acidity substance in vinegar cleaning agent will work on stains quickly, clearing the soap scum from your shower tiles.

Combine the dishwashing agent and the Vinegar in equal portions and warm the blending before pouring it into the spray bottle. Spray the solution over the tiles, leaving out no tiles with stain. Give the mixture about an hour before rinsing the tiles. You will be surprised to see how the solution will clear all stains.

Solution 4: Using baking soda & Bleach

With the mixture of baking soda and Bleach, the cleaning solution you get will be robust. First, mix the substances and then pour them over the affected tiles. Give the paste enough time to dry before clearing off the dirt. Then, use clean water and remember to use the correct portion of Bleach; else, it can destroy the protective layer of your porcelain tiles.

Solution 5: Borax & hydrogen peroxideBorax & hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide becomes another best cleaning detergent that can substitute all other ways. When you mix it with borax, you will get excellent results. Due to its alkaline condition, start by pouring borax over the affected areas, giving it around six hours.

Now take hydrogen peroxide, apply it over the affected area, and give it something like two hours. Finally, you are required to clear dirt and the residue using warm water. The result will be impressive; shiny tiles.

Solution 6: Using Oxygen BleachUsing Oxygen Bleach

Use this Bleach before thinking of Clorox Bleach. It tends to be relatively milder compared to Clorox Bleach. This substance is famous for tackling grimy and dirty grout. Alternatively, you can use the product in cleaning your bathroom tiles without applying scrubbing energy.

Add three tablespoons of Oxygen Bleach to a 2 gallon-sized warm water bucket. Apply the mixture over the grout or affected tiles and give not less than 15 minutes to settle. Use a toothbrush to scrape dirt and then rinse it off.

Solution 7: Clorox BleachClorox Bleach

If the above options fail, give a trial to this approach whereby you should mix Clorox with hot water. Despite being harsh, Bleach makes a robust and superior cleaning product that can help you clean your tiles without scrubbing.

Apply the solution on the affected tiles and then leave it for some hours before rinsing. Since Bleach is strong, you are not allowed to utilize it to clean your shower tiles regularly. Also, when it isn’t blended with water, please don’t give it much time to sit on the tiles; you may end up with permanently damaged tiles.

But if you use it in the correct portion, the solution can be great to curb mold growth or mildew growth. Use Bleach carefully, knowing that you are dealing with a punitive chemical.


  • Are these approaches effective?

Of course, some are powerful that require you to be careful. However we some that shouldn’t be applied in your bathroom regularly.

  • Is liquid soap effective compared to solid soap?

Yes, solid soaps are famous for leaving behind some scums. Replace them with liquid options because they are better.

Final words

Ensuring your shower tiles are clean can be complicated because you don’t have reliable equipment and products. However, we have leaked the secret to doing so at your comfort zone—no more scrubbing. Just follow the entire educational article to grab this secret.

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