How to Change Toilet Paper Roll-Complete Guide

Toilet paper roll is a machine that helps individuals to roll out toilet paper quickly and easily. At times changing tissue paper roll may require to be changed, and changing can be a bit hard for everyone, especially individuals who are not used to changing toilet paper. Several methods can help you change your toilet paper, but it is advisable to use recommended steps to avoid damaging the toilet paper handle or roll.

Further, replacing your toilet paper roll requires a lot of attention and carefulness. Before contacting a professional to help you change your toilet paper roll, follow the steps below on how to change the tissue toilet paper.

Steps on how to change tissues paper roll

Step 1: Bring a new tissue paper before going to the toiletHow to Change Toilet Paper Roll

First, ensure you have tissue paper which you will place in the toilet roll.  Check your tissue paper roll and see if it is empty. If empty, you can try replacing the tissue paper on your own but, if your tissue paper roll is still filled with tissue, wait until your tissue paper is finished.

Before changing your tissue paper, check the condition of the tissue paper roll. Examine carefully and identify if there are any damages and once you identify any damages, try troubleshooting the problem before replacing tissue paper into position.

Step 2: Disconnect your tissue paper roll by opening the plastic tubeDisconnect your tissue paper roll by opening the plastic tube

First, locate the position of the metal or plastic rod. The plastic tube is commonly found in the spring that is connected to the wall. It is advisable to pay more attention to the spring to avoid damaging the tissue paper roll spring.

To release your tissue paper roll, push the plastic tube gently but firmly to disengage the plastic or the metal rod. Disengage the plastic or metal tube slowly to prevent the roller spring from hitting you. Ensure you apply the recommended angle to remove the metal rod.

Step 3: Reprocess the tissue paper roller cardboard

Locate the position of your tissue paper roller cardboard. Try reprocessing your cardboard by using a recycling bin. If you don’t have any access to the recycle bin, you can use the cardboard again.

Step 4: place the new tissue paper into positionplace the new tissue paper into position

You can place your new tissue paper in your tissue paper roller in position, depending on your preference. First, you can put your tissue paper on top of the tissue roller to ensure your tissue paper does not touch the wall surface. This direction protects your tissue paper from any dirt that may accumulate on the wall surface.

Secondly, you can place your tissue paper at the backside of your tissue paper. This method protects the tissue paper from the bathroom furnishings. Moreover, ensure you choose the best position to place your new tissue roll. Push the tissue paper roll into the plastic or metal rod until it aligns at the center of your tissue paper roller.

Step 5: Place back springs and push the tissue holderPlace back springs and push the tissue holder

After you have correctly placed your tissue paperback in the desired direction, gently push the tissue paper roller springs back into position. Hold the spring in position and move the other side into the holder until the tissue paper is firmly held.

However, failing to hold the spring firmly into position can send your tissue paper to the floor, dirt. Therefore, be careful when squeezing the spring and placing the tissue roller back into position.

Step 6: Locate the starting point of your tissue paper

Inspect your tissue paper and find the starting point. Cut your tissue paper at the starting point for easy rolling and use.  It is advisable to be careful when cutting the tissue start point to avoid damaging the whole tissue paper roll. Finally, try using your new tissue paper and ensure you inspect your tissue paper roller to identify and fix the problems at an early stage.

Steps on how to fix a broken toilet paper handleSteps on how to fix a broken toilet paper handle

While replacing the new tissue roller, you may accidentally break your toilet paper handle. You can apply the steps below to repair the tissue paper handle.

  • Check your toilet paper handle and determine the extent to which the handle is broken

First, scrutinize your toilet paper handle and determine the cause. Examine carefully and identify the extent to which the handle is broken. If your handle requires replacement, choose a handle that fits your toilet paper roller.

  • Locate the position of each handle screw

Using a screwdriver, slowly unscrew all bolts that hold the in position. Ensure you unscrew carefully to avoid losing the screws.

  • Remove screws from the wall

After removing screws from the handle, proceed with removing screws from the clip mounted to the wall. Ensure you unscrew slowly and keep the screws until you finish repairing your toilet paper handle.

  • Remove the existing anchor and replace it with a new one

After unscrewing the clip, remove the toilet paper anchor and try fixing the broken part. You can use superglue to hold in position. If the anchor is damaged beyond repair, try replacing the anchor. Fit the new toilet paper anchor carefully in place.

  • Place the clip back into position

After repairing or replacing the new anchor, mount the clip on the wall and use a screwdriver to screw the clip firmly. Ensure you start screwing from the top hole towards the bottom hole. If you don’t screw firmly, your tissue paper anchor will become loose when using.

  • Replace the handle

After placing the anchor and clip in position, place the new tissue paper holder into position. Screw the holder firmly into position using a drill. Ensure the holder is held firmly in position to avoid loosening when rolling tissue. If you don’t have a drilling machine, you can use a screwdriver to screw the handle in place.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I fix my loose toilet paper hanger that keeps coming out of the wall?

The following steps will help you fix your toilet paper hanger and ensure you follow the steps carefully.

  1.   Disconnect the toilet paper roller from the toilet paper handle or plastic tube slowly and gently.
  2.  Using an Allen key, unscrew the tissue roller cover to access mounting plates.
  3.  Unscrew each mounting plate using a screwdriver and remove the mounting plates from the walls.
  4.  Remove the toilet paper anchors and dispose of them as recommended.
  5.  Replace the anchors using a drill tool. Ensure you install the correct anchors.
  6.  Reinstall the mounting plates. Using toggle bolts and a screwdriver, mount the plates on the wall firmly. Ensure you screw the plates firmly to prevent them from loosening. Ensure you mount the plates firmly to prevent hangers from coming out.
  7. Replace your tissue paper and handle into position and screw them firmly using a drill or screwdriver.


Replacing your toilet paper can be hectic at some point. Luckily, the steps above will help you replace your toilet paper successfully. The steps above are easy and straightforward to apply by anyone, whether professional or non-professional.

If your toilet paper is broken, you can also apply the steps above to troubleshoot the problem. In addition to that, it is advisable to be careful when dealing with toilet paper rollers to avoid the extra expenses of replacing your toilet paper roller.

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