Bathtub Won't Hold Water

Bathtub Won’t Hold Water-Quick And Easy Fix

People want deep relaxation after an exhausting day and they love to go for a shower in the bathtub.  You can feel relaxed only when your bathtub is working properly. However, the situation might get worse at times. Sometimes you may have to encounter unexpected problems like the bathtub not holding water. Bathtub won’t hold …

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How to Remove a Stuck Bathroom Sink Drain Flange

How to Remove a Stuck Bathroom Sink Drain Flange- Solved

The bathroom sink becoming clogged is a pretty common issue. Almost every homeowner has faced this situation at least once in his life. The sink drain flange is a seal made of rubber. You can find it in the sink bowl. Sink drain flange can become stuck for several reasons such as rust build-up, accumulation …

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Shower Diverter Leaking Behind Wall

Shower Diverter Leaking Behind Wall – What Should You Do?

There are plenty of issues you’ve to face and solve while maintaining a house. Leaking is one of them. Among different household appliances, faucets, pipelines, and water tanks are likely to be leaking.  It is not surprising if any leaking occurs inside the bathroom. Shower diverter leaking behind wall is one of the most concerning …

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Shower Only Has Hot Water

Shower Only Has Hot Water – How to Fix It Yourself?

No hot water in the shower is a very common problem among us, but one may also face the reversed version of this. Oops! There is no cold water in the shower.  Though showering with cold water is terrifying, hot scorching water is worse than that. It can burn your skin and hair. Multiple causes …

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How to Remove a Shower Handle Without Screws– Easy Steps

We often need to remove the shower handle during the shower hardware or cartridge valve replacement.  However, if there are no screws, you’ll wonder how to remove a shower handle without screws! If your shower screws aren’t visible, that means the screws are hidden. To separate them, you might need to find and remove the …

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