bristan shower mixer problems

How to Remove Bristan Shower Mixer Problems- Easy Tips

Have you ever experienced Bristan shower mixer problems? It becomes a challenge to fix the problem if you have no tips. Most users may end up disposing of the shower. This is because getting the solution to the problem is quite challenging. Bristan shower mixer problems dripping and even difficulty when opening the shower handle. …

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shower pump not working

What to Do to Shower Pump That Is Not Working

Shower pumps should last long in service, requesting minimal maintenance. Yes, that’s their nature, but sometimes you may be surprised yours isn’t working properly. That’s when you will start to panic, asking yourself some questions like, “why am I going through this? It’s now time to take action, don’t sit there as if you are …

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convert natural draft water heater to power vent

How to Convert Natural Draft Water Heater to Power Vent

Converting a natural draft water heater to power comes with many benefits as it can help you cut some electrical bills. Additionally, investing in a power-vented water heater can save you some installation costs. Now, what should you have to achieve this successfully? Relax! This article might have everything you require to set up the …

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Why Shower Knob Turns without Producing Water

Your shower knob may turn, but you receive no water. Yes, encountering such a problem can be challenging, ruining your bathroom experience. The common victim of this issue is usually a faulty valve. And sometimes, it may need replacement or servicing. Alternatively, the issue could have been coming from a faulty handle. With a stripped …

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how to measure a bathtub

Quick Guide on How to Measure a Bathtub

Some people ask me about how to take measurements of a bathtub. Since sometimes you may be forced to do some jobs independently, measuring a bathtub is simple. What you need is some pieces of knowledge. So if you are running out of some cash and still want to install a bathtub in your bathroom, …

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do ice baths help you lose weight

Do Ice Baths Help You Lose Weight?  A Myth Or The Truth

Plunging the body in cold water is a more efficient technique to simultaneously cool down several muscle groups. Right now, all the Ice Baths are the vogue. Hot-intensity exercise, endurance training or training with excentric muscular contractions, Ice baths are most effective. In addition to outdoor swimming, its use has increased as the coronavirus pandemic …

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