Best TOTO Toilet (Reviews & Ultimate Guides in 2022)

Are you looking for the best TOTO toilet? Then you are coming to the right place. In this context, I will show you about the 3 best toilets of TOTO which are surely helpful for you. I hope that you may love the product and enjoy a lot. So, without wasting your time let’s get started…

Best TOTO Toilet

1. TOTO CST744SG#01 Best TOTO Toilet

TOTO CST744SG#01 model has all of the features which you expect from the best toilet. It maintains quality, not quantity. However, this model has special glazing which ensure the seat opens or closes quietly. You may have not found any noise when you use this toilet.

Let’s speak about this model flush. It has a 3-inch wide flush system which is much larger than a standard toilet flush. The flush undoubtedly works better and provides maximum flush than a regular useable toilet flush. For the best flush, it has a G-max and 1.6 GPF flushing system.

For your kind information, you have not needed extra flush which reduces water waste. You can get a professional flush from this TOTO model. You can also get a high-profile two-piece elongated bowl and a tank set which helps you to the comfortable toilet without hassle.

The dimension of this toilet 28 x 29.5 x 28.5 inch which is able to install any size of the bathroom. You need not any kind of tool to install this toilet. However, it also affordable price. You can easily clean this toilet without any extra tools. I think it is one of the best TOTO toilets for you.

  • Have G-max flushing system
  • Have more space on the sides
  • Tank and bowl easily remove and install separated
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to clean
  • Of course a long time useable


2. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake ToiletTOTO CST744SL#01 Drake Toilet

ADA compliant with UltraMax II is one of the best features of this TOTO model. However, for quick waste removal, it has a double cyclone which capable to remove waste so fast. After removing the waste it protects you from mildew, particles, mole, and so many harmful germs.

This model today one of the top-rated models because of its number like 4.8 Lpf/1.28 Gpf which has most of the best toilets. Moreover, it has a G-max flushing system with low consumption. So, you have not any problems flush and just one flush is enough. It also saves your water because of powerful flush. It also has 10-3/8 inches x 8-1/4 inches x 2 3/8 inches trape seal.

Moreover, it has a soft close seat which is ready to provide you maximum comfort. The seat elongated shape but you can also use any type of shape toilet seat. There are lots of facilities you can get from this toilet but most effective thing is that it works so fast and save water.

In the final word, I must say you that please don’t worry about its installation. If you have a piece of basic knowledge to installation then you need some moment to install this toilet. So, without thinking any more you can purchase this toilet seat and use it yourself without any worry.

  • Powerful flush and save water
  • Have an efficient tank
  • Easily to clean deeply
  • Complete with ADA guideline
  • Easy to install it
  • Used high-quality material
  • The seat is not included


3. TOTO Drake CST744S#01 Elongated ToiletTOTO Drake CST744S#01 Elongated Toilet

TOTO CST774S#01 is one of the best toilets that comes from TOTO. This is another toilet that comes from the Drake series. This model comes with all of the features which you would expect from a quality toilet. This toilet has 1.6 GPF/6.0 LPF consumption which ensures the toilet quality.

For the excellent or powerful flush, this model uses a G-max flush system and the sizeable trapway at 2 1/8 inches. You do not need a double flush because its only one flush works perfectly. So, without any doubt, you can choose it if you want a powerful flush TOTO toilet.

With a water surface such as 10-3/8 x 8-1/4 x 2 3/8 inch trap seal, it helps you to flush quickly and efficiently. However, this model design professionally and ideal for any age of people. The anti-clogging machine works as well as you expect ever.

Finally, if you want to purchase a toilet that is able to provide you maximum comfort and protect you from germs, then you will choose it. You need not extra money or tools to install this product. I hope this is a great choice for you to use this product.

  • Built-in high-quality material
  • G-max system for easily flush
  • ADA complete
  • Easy to install
  • Provide a long time service
  • User-friendly
  • User-manual is not clear


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