7 Best Shower Filter for Blonde Hair [Reviews in 2022]

Are you worried when you see your hair going dull? There are some different things which are responsible for it. The main reason is that chlorine, rust, heavy materials, and another harmful element of water.

Some very efficient method control your hair fall and protect your hair. To easily control your hair fall or avoid hair problems, you need the best shower filter for blonde hair. Today I am going to show you some major brands and models that experts and doctors recommended.

However, without wasting time, let’s get started.

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Our Top Pick

  • Gentle work: yes
  • Have side-effect: No
  • Easy to Install: Yes
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Reasonably Priced and Good Quality

  • Prevent Chlorine: Yes
  • Ideal for skin: Yes
  • Affordable price: Yes
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High Filter Stage

  • Have enough Filter: Yes
  • Inexpensive: Yes
  • Easy to clean: No
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Best Quality Features

  • Have warranty: Yes
  • User-friendly: Yes
  • Customer Ratings: Well
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Editor Choice

  • Complete set: Yes
  • Easy to Install: Yes
  • Inexpensive: No
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Fast workable Filter

  • Very powerful: Yes
  • Long-lasting: Yes
  • Easy to clean: Yes
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Have different 2 types Vitamin C

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7 Best Shower Filter for Blonde Hair

Best Shower Filter for Blonde Hair1. AquaBliss High Best Shower Filter 

People sometimes ask me, do a shower filter help hair? For answering this question, I research a lot and include some specialists and doctors. Specialist and doctor suggestions are including on this shower filter. How? Let me explain. First, hard, chlorinated, and chemical-ridden water causing itchy skin, flaky dandruff, bone-dry hair, and more that fall your hair. However, the first day immediately eliminated the problems without side-effect.

Second, if you regularly use this unit, you can get a satisfactory result for your hair. It does not use any harmful chemicals so that your hair be damaged. Third, it is not a showerhead, but if you want, you can easily attach a showerhead with this unit. Plus, no need for any tools to install this component. So, you can save your money cost. According to the producer, this unit has a 12-stage shower filter that prevents hair problems and supports your long-time support.

However, it is stretch free and looks new after long-time use. So, you have not any problems or do not think in the future to change this unit. Overall, if your budget under $40, you will achieve this durable and rich features unit. I am impressed with this unit because I get a satisfying result and so fast result from this unit.

  • Reduce hard, chlorinated, and dandruff
  • Work so fast
  • No need any installation tools
  • Inexpensive
  • Of course, durable
  • Have 12-stage water filter
  • Stretch free
  • :
  • Some customer found it leak(rear)


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2. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower HeadAquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head

AquaHomeGroup is a popular healthy shower filter that includes a complete solution to your shower. It is also an expert recommended. So, let’s discuss it in detail. This unit’s internal filter system has vitamin C, E, that is more healthy for your skin, hair, and your nail. Besides, the vitamin is a perfect combination with the water so that you can take each of the water benefits from this unit.

It has a 15-stage shower filter with a shower head that provides you with the latest design with powerful filter technology. For water superior, this unit can prevent chlorine, heavy metals, rust, and other harmful elements from the water regularly without a single break.

Next, you will invent an effort-free connection like, if you are new for installation, you will need just a few minutes to install this unit. Note, you never need any extra tools to install the shower filter. Moreover, it is also a low price model, but you will get high-quality features and a warranty from this unit. So, I must recommend you choose this unit if your budget under $60. I assure you that you love this unit and enjoy a lot with this unit.

  • Ideal for skin, nail, and hair
  • 15-stage water filter
  • Included vitamin C, E
  • Used powerful filter technology
  • Effort-free connection
  • Long-lasting
  • Have a good manufacturer service
  • It is not ideal for under 7-year kids


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3. SITAFL 15 Stage Shower FilterSITAFL 15 Stage Shower Filter

However, you can say it is one of the best shower head filters for hard water. I always describe this unit and recommend using nail, hair, and skin to get fast service from this unit. Why? Let me explain. Hard water is really harmful to your skin, nail, and hair. To avoid this problem, this unit used 12-filter and used advanced technology that is capable of preventing chlorine, rust, and another harmful element.

Moreover, for your healthy hair, this unit uses vitamin C to work well and get a natural treatment from this unit. I know you have a question why is it un unique, or is it best for a water filter? Yes, I think you can find your answer from this unit. This unit uses the REDOX reaction of KDF55 in water to prevent the heavy materials from water so that your hair is always safe from this harmful element.

No matter which skin you are wanted to use this unit because this number of 15-filter of shower protects you with any kind of harmful elements. Whatever you will easily remove your old filter and install this unit with a few minutes of this unit. Remember, you need not any tools to install this unit so fast so far.

  • Reduce chlorine and rust
  • Ideal for any kinds of skin
  • Easy to remove and install
  • User-friendly
  • Getting a 1-year warranty
  • Perfect waterfall function
  • Easy to clean this unit
  • :
  • It is maybe low water pressure


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4. PureAction Water Softener Shower HeadPureAction Water Softener Shower Head

PureAction is able to deep filtering and prevents 99.9% of rust iron, heavy metals, calcium, and sodium, which is harmful to your skin, hair, and nail. If you are suffering from hard water, you will select this product to prevent hard water deeply and provide you with a fast result. Besides, prevent the harmful elements of this unit also saves water. So, with this unit, you will save your water bill without much cost to pay.

You will get from this unit 2-filter set so that you can easily choose your filter and protect your blonde hair with this unit. Moreover, it has a 3-step installation, which has so easy and comfortable to install this unit. I think it is one of the shower filters because of its rich and quality features. So, if you think you need fast service and the best treatment of your hair, surely you will achieve this unit without any hassles.

Overall, this unit offers you a 1-year warranty and technical support so that you can use this unit without any hassles. The manufacturer’s warranty truly well enough and so fast. Though it’s the price is very low, you will get a quality feature from this unit. So, without delay, you will choose this unit.

  • Have a 1-year warranty
  • Very affordable price
  • Included two filter
  • Easy to follow 3-step
  • Reduce 99.9% rust, and heavy materials
  • Save water and water bill
  • Long-time supported
  • It does not come with the threaded adapter


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5. Aquasana Shower Water Filter SystemAquasana Shower Water Filter System

Aquasana shower water filter system uses coconut shell carbon and copper-zinc for reducing chlorine, rust, lead, iron, and other equipment that affect your blonde hair. It is gentle and ideal for your skin because its waterfall and materials truly protect your hair damage, dandruff, and other harmful element from the air.

Moreover, it is able to prevent mole, mildew, and provide you with a good smell of coconut so that your shower becomes more relaxed and more comfortable. You can use this unit 5-ft shower filter with your pets, and kids safely without any side-effect. So, you can comfortably use it with any age of people with no limitations. Remember, the filter works only six months or 10000-gallons of water. For replacement, you never need any extra tools or plumber. You need just a few minutes to install this unit.

Whatever I test this unit around 4-month, I really love this unit because it works gentle and provides fast results. I think it is also ideal for you. Note, it is my expensive model with this list of products. So, if your budget under $70, you will achieve this unit right now.

  • It is a 5-ft shower filter
  • Work very gentle
  • It is easy to installation
  • Reduce harmful element of water and protect hair
  • Easy to replacement
  • Used coconut shell
  • Provide you with a very good smell
  • It is a little bit expensive

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6. Berkey Powerful Shower FilterBerkey Powerful Shower Filter

Are you searching for the best shower filter for chloramine? Surely you will allow this unit to reduce 99.9% of chlorine. It is also very powerful. How? Let me explain… Moreover, this unit is able to prevent chemical absorption and vapor inhalation, which is a harmful element for your hair, skin, and nail. You may need to replace this shower filter after 8 to 9 months. Moreover, you will this unit shower filter around 20000-gallons of water.

So, I think it is able to provide you with long-time support without a replacement. However, this component can also reduce lime, scale, mole, and other harm, full element. I do not find this function like other shower filters. Note that this unit is not included showerheads, but you can easily install showerheads without extra tools or plumbers. So, you can install this unit within a few minutes.

Furthermore, it used high-quality materials that stretch-free and long-lasting. So, you can avoid the break problem from this unit. Finally, this component offers you long-time warranty and specialist support. So, if you fall into any problems call the product holder, they solve your problem as soon as possible.

  • Used around 20,000-gallons water
  • Reduce 99.9% chlorine
  • No need any plumber for installation
  • Provide long-time supported
  • Ideal for any types of skin
  • Filter water deeply
  • Have well manufacturer support
  • Do not use with shut-off valve

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7. Sonaki Vitamin C Handheld Rain Shower HeadSonaki Vitamin C Handheld Rain Shower Head

Now let’s talk about the final both handheld and shower head filter water system. It is an inexpensive price shower filter in which you’re a complete solution. Do you want to more prevent chlorine from your skin, hair, nail, eyes? Surely you will try this vitamin C product right now.

It is a high-pressure shower filter and able to provide a perfect waterfall so that you can comfortably use this unit and take a perfect treatment for your hair. Moreover, it is easy to install because of its crystal and clear installation method. You need just to flow three-step to install this unit. For your kind information, you never need any plumber or tools to install this unit.

However, for long-time support and perfect service, you will achieve this unit. I also use this unit, and I can not find a single problem from this unit that is harmful to your hair, skin, and nails.

  • Have not any side-effect
  • Provide a perfect waterfall
  • Used two types of vitamin C
  • Easy to follow the three-step installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Very easy to replacement
  • Used quality features
  • The warranty is not mentioned


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Buying Guide[Best Shower Filter for Blonde Hair]Buying Guide[Best Shower Filter for Blonde Hair]

Now you have enough information about the filter shower head. I think it is more than helpful for you to follow my guidelines below. So, without delay, let’s see the buying guide.

  • Filteration Effectiveness

For the shower filters, I found different filters in the market. However, the filtration has proven method by GAC, and KDF both are much popular for filtration. This is a method that filters used to filter out the contaminants.

Some of the shower filters have a multi-filter stage because of safely purifying the water.

  • Target Filteration

First, you should know which contaminates of water harmful to you. If you already know it, you can save 30% of the money. However, most of the water has chlorine, rust, heavy materials, and other problems, which is very effective for our hair, nail, and skin.

You may even worry about VOCs. Whatever you must choose a shower filter which has your target filter.

  • Shower Head quality

Showerhead must be needed if you want to use a shower filter. Most of the shower filter does not add a shower head with their shower filter. But you can choose a quality shower head from the market.

Whatever you have to choose a showerhead, which has quality and rich features. I think this section helps to purchase the original one.

  • Easy Installation

Generally, a shower filter has an easy installation method, and this why maximum people want to purchase the shower filter. However, when I am going to research a shower filter, no one says to me that it is hard to install.

Furthermore, you never need a plumber or tools to install a shower filter. So, I think it is not complicated for you.

  • Filter Replacement

The filter is not for lifetime use because, after a time, it finished. However, most of the popular brands of shower filters provide you 10000 to 20000-gallons of water uses service.

But if you take it a month, surely you will use it up to 6 to 8 months easily. So, after 6 to 8 months, you should change the filter; otherwise, it becomes toxic.

Best Shower Filter for Blonde Hair (FAQs)

Q: How do shower filter work?

A: The basic theme is very simple. You just install the shower filter on your pipe and turn on the shower button. When the water comes with the pipe, the filter stage works step by step, and you will get safe and filter water from the shower filter.

Q: Does a shower filter helps hair?

A: Of course. A shower filter only made for improving your hair, nail, and skin. Though some models do not work so fast, so I always recommend that you choose the best one if you want to get a complete solution.

Q: How to install a shower filter?

A: It is very simple. For easy installation, the product provides the user’s manual. If you do not understand the user manual, you will see the youtube video. Or, if you have the same problem, you will contact the product holder.

Q: How do you filter chlorine from shower water?

A: It is very simple. Suddenly my hair becomes dull and dandruff. I found the chlorine problem. The doctor recommends that I use a shower filter that after 4-days, I get my satisfying result.


One of the ways is to care for your blonde hair; you can be used as the best shower filter for blonde hair. I talked around 10 people, and I also used shower filters. They all are including me get satisfied result. But it is better for you if you choose the good shower filter. So, without delay, purchase your desire one and enjoy yourself.

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