7 Best Modern Bathroom Vanities [Ultimate Guides]

There are not any homes which used a vanity. Especially when you belong to a modern bathroom, you must look on a vanity. But choosing the best modern bathroom vanities are much tricky. So, you may remember lots of things before you purchase any vanity with sink.

However, if you want to choose the best one, you need proper research and cost a lot of time. But I know your time carries lots of value. This way, I did splendid research for you and selected the most well-known and durable vanity in which you must love the products.

So, without wasting your time, check out the list below.

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Our Top Pick

RunFine RFVA0069W
  • Durable: Yes
  • Have vast space: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
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Editor Choice

  • Included Sink: Yes
  • Used solid wood: Yes
  • Have to warranty: Yes
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Most valuable

Simpli Home
  • Perfect Measurement: Yes
  • Spacious: Yes
  • Awesome look: Yes
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Awesome look

  • Durable: Yes
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Affordable price: Yes
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Have vast space

  • Easy to install: No
  • Ideal for large space: Yes
  • Perfect Shape: Yes
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Best colour combination

Simpli Home
  • User-friendly: Yes
  • Ideal for tiny area: Yes
  • Low-price: Yes
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Have quality features

Fresca Manchester
  • Easily Dirt: Yes
  • Strong wood: Yes
  • Have different color: No
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7 Best Modern Bathroom Vanities

1. RunFine RFVA0069W  Bathroom VanitiesBest Modern Bathroom Vanities

Second, it made with robust materials ceramic glazed with enamel for long-lasting. The materials are waterproof and stretch-free, so you can use this vanity like each of the day’s new vanity. The materials are lab-tested, and I also find positive things from this unit materials. Third, you will invent from this component 2 doors with vast space and 1 drawer, which also provides you a large area.

Overall, the design to fit 34-inch high, 24.6-inch wide, and 19-inch deep, which is enough for small, medium, and large space. So, you can easily use this unit with your modern bathroom without any hassles. Finally, it allows you fully assembled for ease of installation. You never need any plumber to install this unit. So, without extra-cost and extra tools, you will install this unit within a moment.

Moreover, you can install a bathroom sink and valve so that you can easily wash your hands and face. Remember that the drawer and doors are waterproof, so it is safe for your cloth and any kinds of things from water. Note, two colors are available in this product.

  • Ideal for any space
  • Have vast space of drawer and doors
  • Easy to install and not need a plumber
  • Long-lasting white finish
  • Inexpensive price
  • Easy to install the valve and sink
  • Of course durable and user-friendly
  • Weighty not easy to portable

2. LUCA LC24HWP Bath VanityLUCA LC24HWP Bath Vanity

This is my second brand(LUCA), who made the best vanity. They satisfied their users because of their quality features. Without worrying, you will achieve it. Let’s talk about it. However, this unit is used full hardwood vanity with a white finish. Its measure is 24-inch wide and 34-inch tall, which is enough and perfect size for any space bathroom.

The modern bathroom always needs amazing color, and white color is truly well enough for the bathroom, and this why it has a white finish. I think it increases the bathroom decor. Whatever you will invent from this unit, 2-soft cabinet doors allow you to keep your things safe from water. The doors used nickel hardware hinges for easy open and closed it.

The most interesting thing is that you can get the countertop sink, which you can easily install in your kitchen or bathroom. However, the construction of this unit truly looks premium, and you can love it. So, you can easily choose this unit from Amazon with fast delivery.

Furthermore, you will get from this unit a long-time warranty and technical support. The product holder service is very fast, so you have no problem when used in this unit. Note, faucet and drain are not included; you should purchase them. I think you can understand whatever I say to you. So, without delay, you should purchase this unit right now.

  • Long-time supported
  • Vast space with waterproof protection
  • Amazing white finish
  • Used hardwood for durability
  • Inexpensive price
  • Included countertop sink
  • Both kitchen and bathroom use facilities
  • The sink color is not ideal for white cabinet


3. Simpli Home Chelsea Bathroom VanitySimpli Home Chelsea Bathroom Vanity

This is a single sink bathroom vanity that comes with 2 doors, 3 side drawers, and 1 bottom drawer, which you see in the picture. Today I am sharing with you about this vanity information, which I know. The color of this unit is truly awesome, which comes with off white with brushed nickel finish. Undoubtedly, it increases your home decore more and more.

Overall, the size of this unit 37-inch W x 21.5-inch D x 34.5-inch H, which is indicated for using the l, medium, and large space. So, you can easily install it with your modern bathroom. Besides, you will invent from this unit white marble top with an er-maintained rectangle, and the size of this unit is 13-inch W x 18-inch L x 6.9-inch D, which is better for your bathroom.

However, this component has 105-degree hidden hinges, which help you to open and close this unit easily. You will get from this unit three holes for faucets. Note, the faucet is not included. For easily stand and easily portable, this unit used 4-legs, which is much strong and stand it like suction cups. So, you have not any problems installing this unit without any plumbers.

Whatever this unit is made with solid and sturdy wood so that you can use it for a long-time without any hassles. So, you should not worry about this unit’s durability. I must recommend you if you want extra space. So, if you have enough money to choose this unit, you will choose it right now.

  • Have extra-space
  • Included an awesome sink
  • easy to portable
  • Used solid wood for long-time support
  • Waterproof materials
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to clean this unit
  • Some people do not find the door line up


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4. LUCA  Bath LC20FBP VanityLUCA  Bath LC20FBP Vanity

LUCA is 20-inch bathroom vanity with a mid-night blue color that looks awesome in your modern bathroom. You can choose it because of its quality features. Let me explain. It is fully assembled and made with hardwood, which provides you long-time support. However, the wood is waterproof and ideal for the modern bathroom.

The measurement of this unit is 34-inch tall and 20.4-inch wide, which is ideal for any size of a modern bathroom. Whatever you will get from this unit 2 spacious drawers which are fully waterproof and safe your cloth from the water and other harmful things. You will also get a space for keeping your bath towels.

Further, this unit included a set with a cabinet, countertop sink, and hardware, which helps you easily install and user-friendly use. The sink also looks awesome and powerful to use. Undoutablly, LUCA made the best vanity because they used powerful features and lab-tested so that their user comfortably use their product. I am impressed with this model because of its quality.

So, if you belong to a modern bathroom and small, medium, and large space, you will achieve this unit without any hassles. I think you love this unit as I love it. Note, this product provide you with a 1-year warranty for your fearless use.

  • Included countertop sink
  • Awesome mid-night blue color
  • Have spacious two drawers
  • Made with solid and powerful hardwood
  • Fully waterproof
  • Easy assemble
  • Easy to portable
  • Have a limited 1-year warranty

5. Homecart 72″ Double Sink Bathroom VanityHomecart 72" Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Are you searching for a vanity that is a large size and has vast space? Surely you should not avoid this bathroom vanity. The full measurement of this unit is as well cabinet 19-inch D x 24-inch W x 29-inch H, and the side cabinet is 12-inch W x 19-inch D x 26.8-inch H that is enough for any medium and large space.

You will get a faucet that provides you to get 1.5 GPM(Gallons Per Minute) so that you can get enough water of your sink. You can also install this unit with your kitchen. However, it made with powerful materials which help you to get from this service long-time. This unit also tested its durability, and its construction is truly well enough.

You will get a total of 8 drawers and 4-doors, which helps you keep your clothes, shoes, and other safe water sources. You will use it in your kitchen without a single hassle. But the manufacturer recommends installing it professionally so that you can easily use it for a long time without any issue. So, you may need a plumber to install this unit, but I assure you that it is inexpensive.

If your bathroom is new or modern, you will comfortably install of this unit in your bathroom. It is able to create your bathroom decor more beautiful and attractive forever. So, if you have enough money to choose this unit, you will achieve this unit right now.

  • Ideal for medium and large bathroom
  • Comes with large space
  • Have enough drawers and doors
  • Made with powerful and solid materials
  • Have a long-time warranty
  • The perfect shape which avoids water
  • Easy to clean it
  • Not easy to install and move


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6. Simpli Home Evan Bathroom VanitySimpli Home Evan Bathroom Vanity

Let’s welcome another vanity that has an excellent shape countertop sink. Now I am sharing with you some real data about this vanity. So, let’s get started. The color of this unit white with brushed satin nickel pull that designs for modern bathroom vanities. It’s design look awesome and increases your bathroom decor.

This unit is made with solid hardwood and engineered wood construction so that you can comfortably use it without a single hassle. It contains lots of quality features. The under-mounted oval 16-inch W x 13-inch L x 7.9-inch D with off white ceramic countertop sink. Whatever you will use this unit with your bathroom and kitchen without any extra cost.

Moreover, for your clothes to be kept safe and shoes, you will get 1 door and 1 drawer with enough space to keep. So, you need not worry about the unit space. But it only increases your bathroom decor when you belong to a modern bathroom; otherwise, the color does not match enough.

This unit included 105-degrees hidden hinges and side-mounted ball bearing for drawers gilders. It is very strong and soft, so you can comfortably use this unit without any hassles. Note, for knowing the warranty, you should contact the product holder because of lots of things.

  • Have sturdy and soft hinges
  • Keep safe your materials
  • Long-lasting
  • Made with solid and hardwood
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Very affordable price
  • Have a good shape of the countertop
  • Some users do not love its countertop sink color


7. Fresca Manchester Bathroom vanityFresca Manchester Bathroom vanity

This is my final vanity with countertop sink. I think you love this vanity because of so many reasons. So, let’s see this unit’s pros and cons and some other things. Whatever the measurement of this unit is 29.5-inch W x 18-inch D x 34-inch H, which is indicated to fit with a small tiny bathroom. So, for your small bathroom, you will achieve this unit without thinking more.

This bathroom vanity is made with a solid wood frame with MDF panels that provide you with long-time support or durability to avoid the water. There are some other strong materials use because of its durability. However, you will get two soft closing doors from this unit, which helps you keep your clothes safe and other materials. Space is well enough for a tiny bathroom.

You will invent a countertop sink, which is a compelling and perfect color match with vanity. So, you need not think about the vanity and sink color combinations. I also use this unit around 1.5-years, and I can not find any major problems. It increases my bathroom decor more beautiful.

So, I think it is a complete vanity for your modern bathroom. Note, you never need any plumber to install this unit or any tools because of its installation method is crystal and clear.

  • Have vast space two closing door
  • Perfect color match with vanity and sink
  • No need any plumber to install this unit
  • Made with solid wood and construction
  • No need any suction cups
  • Easy to portable
  • Awesome color increase bathroom decor
  • The color is awesome but easily dusted


Buying Guide: Best Modern Bathroom VanitiesBuying Guide Best Modern Bathroom Vanities


Now you have available information about the best products. But if you maintain my guidelines, surely you will able to choose the right one. However, here I only discuss 5 major tips and tricks which are updated and expert-recommended.

Step 1: Quality Vanity

You never should skip this section. Each of the people wants to purchase a quality vanity, but it is tricky to find out. So, for choosing the best one, you must focus on some major things such as

  • Quality features
  • Quality materials
  • Durability warranty
  • Waterproof materials
  • Safe from water
  • Awesome look
  • Others

Before you purchase any vanity, you should focus on this section; otherwise, you will not buy a quality vanity.

Step 2: Spacious

This is my second step, which varies from person to person and area to area. However, if you want to purchase a vanity, I think you will buy a spacious vanity. Spacious vanity provides you lots of advantages which are truly important for each of the people.

Whatever if you want to choose a spacious vanity, you should select more than 1 drawer and more than 1 doors so that you can take much space from a vanity.

Step 3: Durability

Most of the vanity death because of product durability. You may know that all of the woods never provide you waterproof service. For this reason, you should choose a solid and hardwood, which is waterproof.

Durability helps you to use the model fearlessly. So, before you purchase any, please remember this section so that you can use the model for a long-time.

Step 4: Cost of Vanity

Let’s jump another step. Generally, vanity is costly because of so many reasons. However, if you want to choose a quality vanity, I think you will purchase under $900. But you should not focus on the cost you should focus on the product quality.

You may find so many vanities for your modern bathroom with your own price. But before you purchase your own model, please remember my above guidelines.

Step 5: Colors of Vanity

This is my final tips and tricks for you. Whatever select the right color of your modern bathroom increases your bathroom decor more beautiful. You may choose off white color with a countertop sink, which is the standard color.

You may find a different color from the market, but I think off white color is more beautiful for the modern bathroom than other colors. So, you can choose this color without any hesitation.

Best Modern Bathroom Vanities (FAQs)

Q: Who makes the best quality vanities?

A: There are lots of brands now working well. But I found some brands which truly working well and top-rated in the market. They are RunFine, LUCA, Simpli, Homecare, and more. So, you can choose any of them.

Q: What is the most popular vanity color?

A: If I talk about the modern bathroom I must suggest you choose off white color. This color increases your bathroom color more beautiful and looks awesome. So, you can choose off white color for your modern bathroom.

Q: Where do I found the best vanity in the USA?

A: You can found the model on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and the local market. But you must choose the best one, no matter where you purchase the vanity.


Now it is clear after discussing the above content that the best modern bathroom vanities increase your bathroom decor more beautiful. So, you can comfortably choose any of them because I did proper research on these products. So, without delay, you can choose the vanity. But if you think you need proper data, please feel free to contact me so that I can provide your data as soon as possible.

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