Bathtub Drain Shoe Leak – How to Fix This to Stop Water Draining

Soaking in a bathtub gives you plenty of pleasure. Apart from cleanliness, it helps to reduce your mental stress. Besides, it improves heart health. So, nothing can be better than a pleasurable bath!

To get better sleep and a clearer mind, you just need a properly functioning bathtub. A bathroom has many plumbing fixtures for getting various benefits. However, many leaks may arise from different sources. Insidious leaks can involve your bathtub. 

In today’s post, we will find out about, “bathtub drain shoe leak – how to fix this to stop water draining”. Let’s start. We are now going to dig deeper into the causes of bathtub leaks as well as some necessary tips for fixing them fast.

Reasons Behind Bathtub Drain LeakingReasons Behind Bathtub Drain Leaking

If we look at the issue of leaking bathtub drain shoes,   it is comparatively complicated to understand the matter.  Because Bathtub leaks may remain undetected at some point in most cases.  This will lead to extreme water damage by presenting other issues like mold. These potential risks should be reduced. Thus, a quick fix of the leaks needs to be done.

For taking immediate action, look for the unwanted water around your bathtub. Although this leakage damage may be serious, leak solutions will not be difficult to follow. First of all, any true source should be identified. 

If you observe the bathtub’s bottom, you may find a drain. As the drain stopper is kept turned on, you will have issues with water. It can not pass into the drain. This occurs due to the stopper which is sealing the drain innerly. For any potential reason, if the drain shoe is damaged or broken or the stopper stops working, the bathtub drain can leak.

How To Stop The Bathtub Drain Shoe From Leaking: Step by StepBathtub Drain Shoe Leak

To stop a bathtub drain from leaking, you need to follow some specific steps. Besides, few tools are required to fix the issues. They are pliers, screwdriver, plumbers putty, drain key. Then, the following steps would be started–

Tools That You’ll Need: 

Step 1:

Just before fixing the leaking, inside accessories need to be checked thoroughly. In maximum cases, the drain shoe is the culprit. So, the drain cover needs to be removed to get the opening of the drain shoe.

Furthermore, take the help of the pliers for holding the drain. The pliers can be opened while holding the drain with the spread of handles. Then, place the screwdriver in the brain’s center for moving counterclockwise.

Step 2:

If you clasp the drain tightly, you will be able to unscrew the basket of the drain easily. Usually, cross pieces are on the inner side of the drain which requires holding. If they are absent, think about a drain key.

As a substitute for pliers, a drain key provides a proper grip for moving the basket of a drain. Hold it using the key. Then, move the basket counterclockwise. So, it will appear ultimately. This is the second step.

Step 3:

Now, you have to observe the drain accurately. Meanwhile, check if anything else is attached to it or not. If so, remove them by using a screwdriver. Always keep in mind that you will not be able to remove anything without tools.

Step 4:

Remove the holding nut of the pipe. Then, attach the drain shoe with the elongated pipe. For removing the nut, a screwdriver can be used. As a consequence, the drain shoe may appear out of the base.

Now, any issue should be checked out carefully. Mostly, plumber putty may not function accurately. Eventually, it will cause leaking. To fix the issue, the whole thing needs to be cleaned. And, it should be wrapped by using thread tape.

Step 5:

In this final step of stopping the bathtub drain shoe leak, you have to use a plumber putty. Now take it while mixing them correctly. You should make two rolls with your hands. Moreover, the rolls have to be mixed.

Meanwhile, place the rolls on the drain shoe’s base. Ultimately, you may expect to stop any leaking from your drain. Nevertheless, if the drain show is irreparable and requires replacement, we will discuss it later in this article.

Replacing The Drain Shoes Of Bathtub: Step by StepReplacing The Drain Shoes Of Bathtub

Indeed, a partially broken or a damaged drain shoe requires  replacement.No other way is available to follow. With placing a new one securely, the leaks of a drain will stop. For replacing the drain shoe, go to a plumbing store.

From a plumbing store, you can buy a new one. But, the most important thing is assembling. So, you need to assemble the drain shoe of the bathtub. For doing it and installation, the following steps can be applied effectively:

Step 1:

The cover of the bathtub drain should be removed as described above. In this previous section, we talked about the steps elaborately. While following the process, the screws can be removed. Be careful so that no scratch appears at the bathtub’s bottom.

Step 2:

In this second step, the nut which is securing the drain shoe needs to be removed. After removing the accessories, fit the cone washer and the nut with the piping of the new drain shoe.

Step 3:

The drain shoe piping has to be wrapped with thread tape. Do it from the bottom for covering accurately. Moreover, the thread tape fits the drain firmly. PTFE paste layer can be applied to the cone washer.

Step 4:

Attach the gasket with the drain shoe. Then, slide it with the drain’s piping. Besides, the drain shoe is adjusting with the hole. And, the nut needs to be placed into the waste tee. Gently tighten it by using your hands.

Step 5:

Apply a good amount of plumber’s putty to the sealing area of the drain shoe. Adjust the drain strainer with the drain shoe and tighten the drain strainer with a screwdriver and remove the excess putty from it.

Step 6:

Use a plumber’s wrench for tightening the nut of the waste tee. Then, the bathtub stopper can be screwed to the strainer.  So, everything is almost ready to work. But before you start using the bathtub, inspect everything again.

Step 7:

Turn the faucet on for checking the drain shoe’s effectiveness. Additionally, you will see any leaking of the bathtub drain shoe.  Allow the bathtub for 10 minutes to overflow. By waiting, any leakage is occurring or not can be observed.

If everything functions accurately, your bathtub will not leak again.Drawing The Ultimate Bath

Drawing The Ultimate Bath

The water temperature can not exceed too much in comparison with your body temperature. Although a hot bath is feeling great, a warm bath works better for our immune and skin systems. While soaking your body, adding oils like lavender, rose, aloe, calendula oil or even coconut oil will enhance the comfort. Besides, oatmeal can be applied to the skin.  Moreover Epsom salt is a wonderful ingredient for the muscles.  It reduces any possibility of infection. Keep your body part carefully to prevent overheatingParticularly, your face is a very sensitive area of the body. Just soak for a while, take some breaths, and relax!

FAQs About Bathtub Drain Shoe Leak:

  • What is a tub drain shoe?

The bathtub drain shoe is simply an elbow that is channeling the water down a pipe of the drain. It is firstly fitted while attaching to the base of your drain basket.  Moreover, you have to go through the beneath of the bathtub to remove and replace the shoe.

  • How do I stop my bathtub water from draining?

Simply, block your bathtub drain by using a small plastic cup. Indeed, an empty cup will be the perfect size to block it effectively. Just, place a plastic pod into the bottom of the drain firmly. Thus, you will begin filling the bathtub to notice how accurately it holds.

  • What can cause a bathtub drain to leak?

There are many causes responsible for leaking the bathtub drain. Initially, see the below area of the drain where plumbing is situated. The leaks may arise from it. To fix this problem, a professional plumber is required to call. Also, a faulty seal near the drain assembly can cause a leak.

  • Can you replace a bathtub drain?

Replacing the bathtub drain is a simple task, no matter what kind of tub you own. If you understand the suitable steps for removing the bathtub drain, you will be able to replace it with a unique style. This different pattern of the drain may suit your requirements accordingly.

Final Verdict

So, this is all for now about “Bathtub Drain Shoe Leak & How To Fix This to Stop Water Draining”.We have discussed the reasons behind the leaking of the bathtub drain. Additionally, the stopping procedures are outlined above in the article. Also, tub drain shoes replacing ways are enlightened briefly. Finally, we put the appropriate answers to some common questions which may be going through your mind. With gaining elaborate knowledge regarding the matter, now your turn to approach!

This video will show you how to replace a bathtub drain shoe gasket. It is common for the bathtub drainl to leak over time and could cause water damage to the surrounding area if not taken care of.

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