How to Fix Bathroom That Smells Like Poop

A poop smell in your bathroom shows damage more than plumbing. The poop smell is caused by many reasons such as a damaged sewer, broken drain pipes, etc. The poop smell can affect a user’s health condition. For instance, the user may experience health problems such as suffocation, headaches, nausea, and drowsiness. Therefore, it is essential to fix the poop smell instantly to avoid more health effects.

The bathroom smells like poop can be caused by several reasons, which can be difficult or easy to troubleshoot.  Before contacting a plumber, identify the cause of the bathroom poop smell and try fixing it on your own. If the problem persists, contact a professional plumber to help you fix the problem.

Causes of poop smell in your bathroomCauses of poop smell in your bathroom

Several issues can cause a bathroom poop smell. The problems causing the bathroom to smell like poop include;

1. A damaged shower drain pipe

Sometimes, the bathroom draining pipes can burst and allow dirty water to seep, releasing a poop smell to the bathroom.

2. Clogged draining pipe

Substances such as rust, hair, etc., can stick in your draining pipe, and once the materials accumulate, they block the draining pipes preventing dirty water from passing through. Once the substances have accumulated, they release poop smell to the bathroom. Clogged draining pipes can also retain dirty water, which in turn can flow to the bathroom causing secondary damages to your basement.

3. Sewer pipes damaged

Sometimes, plants can grow inside the sewer pipes hence blocking your sewer pipes. Once the sewer pipes are clogged, dirty water is retained for some time if the sewer pipe remains unclogged. After water stays in the sewer, it releases a poop smell to the environment, including the bathroom.

4. The bathroom septic tank fills up

Most of the time, our bathroom septic tanks fill up without us realizing it early enough. Once the septic tank fills up, the poop smell flows back to the bathroom through the draining pipes.

5. Inadequate cleaning of your bathroom

Inadequate cleaning of the bathroom may result in the release of poop smell in the bathroom. Failure to use a recommended detergent to clean the bathroom prevents it from freshening. Hence, ensure you clean your bathroom effectively and see if the poop smell remains.

6. Other causes are unrelated to bathroom parts

Sometimes, the foul smell may be caused by other issues which are not related to the bathroom pipes or sewage. For instance, an animal can die and overstay in a particular place unnoticed. After staying for some time, the dead animal starts rotting and releases a poop smell in the bathroom. Therefore, before inspecting your bathroom parts for any damages, check your bathroom and the whole house to see if there is any dead animal that produces the poop smell.

How to fix bathroom poop smell

You can use two methods to get rid of the poop smell in your bathroom and the whole house.

Method 1: Fixing damaged bathroom partsBathroom Smells Like Poop

Step 1: Check all bathroom parts

If you experience a poop smell in your bathroom, first inspect all the parts and identify any possible causes of the poop smell. Inspect the shower drain pipes, septic tank, sewer pipes, among others. Consider fixing the poop smell issue depending on the cause of the poop smell.

Steps 2: Unclog all clogged drain pipes

Inspect the shower drain pipes and see if they are clogged. Once you observe the drain pipes clogged, try running hot water down the shower pipes to break the materials that have blocked the tubes. If the problem persists, contact a plumber to help you unblock the shower drain pipes.

Wash your shower and see if the poop smell problem has been solved. If the shower drain pipes are not the problem, consider checking other bathroom parts.

Step 3: damaged or busted shower drain pipes

Examine the shower draining pipes for any damages. If the shower drainpipe is damaged, consider replacing the pipe.  Consider contacting a plumber to help you fix the shower drain pipes if you cannot resolve them.

Step 4: Flush your bathroom each time you use a shower and a toilet

It is advisable to flush your bathroom after showering and after using your toilet. Water flowing down the shower drainpipe removes poop smell from the bathroom/toilet to the sewage keeping your room fresh.

Step 5: Replacing damaged sewer pipes

Sometimes, poop smell can be due to damaged or clogged sewage pipes, which prevent dirty water from flowing to the sewage and, in turn, releases poop smell to the bathroom. Inspect the sewer pipes and identify any problems.

Further, damaged sewer pipes require replacements to get rid of smell released to the environment. Buy a sewer pipe that suits your sewage and septic tank. Contact a professional plumber to help you fix the new sewer pipe.

Step 5: Consult a licensed plumber to help you inspect the full septic tank

It is advisable to contact a licensed plumber once the septic tank is full to help you deal with the septic tank problem.

Method 2: Removing poop smell by using freshenersRemoving poop smell by using fresheners

Before trying to fix any damaged bathroom parts such as sower draining pipes, try some simple methods which will help you reduce the poop smell in your bathroom.

Step 1: Open the windows of your bathroom to allow fresh air to enter

Firstly, open all the bathroom windows to allow fresh air to flow into the bathroom while the poop smell flows out. Ventilating your bathroom reduces poop odor. Moreover, you can use a fan every time you finish taking a shower. Finally, ensure you maintain your bathroom fan by cleaning it regularly, at least thrice a year.

Step 2: Apply air freshener

Most people prefer buying air fresheners instead of trying to make a homemade air freshener. If you have tried using all necessary substances to eliminate the poop smell but still fails, consider using your homemade air freshener. Follow the following steps to make your air freshener.

  • Collect all materials required to make your fresheners, such as water, alcohol, spray bottle, and orange oil, to prevent the mixture from leaving an alcohol smell.
  • Combine water, orange oil, and alcohol after using the recommended measurements. Leave the mixture to settle for some time.
  • Pour the mixture into the spray bottle.
  • Spray the homemade air freshener in your bathroom. Ensure you shake the mixture well before using the homemade air freshener.
  • Check the room if the poop smell is still present.

Step 3: Spray the bathroom using poop smell eliminators

Pour the poop smell eliminators in the spray bottle and spray your whole bathroom to get rid of the poop smell. The substance eliminates all poop smells and foul odors in the bathroom. Ensure you regularly spray the bathroom to keep it fresh.

Step 4: Use air purifiers in your room

Adequate air circulation in your bathroom is essential since all poop smells are removed from the bathroom. Therefore, ensure you buy air purifiers and use them in your bathroom daily.


Many issues producing poop smell in your bathroom need to be addressed before they get worse. If you experience any poop smell problem, apply the steps above to fix the issue before consulting a professional plumber. Also, the above information will help you know how to identify the cause of poop smell in your room.

Moreover, ensure you clean your bathroom frequently using recommended materials. Finally, ensure you inspect your bathroom, draining pipes, sewer pipes, etc., often to fix any problem early before it gets worse.

To keep your bathroom smelling amazing, you should watch this video below;

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