Bathroom Sink Drain Leaking Around Threads– Fixing Guide 

We all rush to our washroom once we get up in the morning and it’s a must go place for always. What if you get the bathroom sink drain leaking around threads? 

For sure, it’d be an unpleasant issue. 

So, you are now in search of a solution to this unpleasant problem of sink drain pipe leaking at connection. 

Don’t worry as you’ve reached the right place to fix. 

In fact, the sink drain leaking of your washroom happens mostly for faulty threads. Even a faulty drain may cause the issue as well. 

To solve it, first you have to diagnose the problem and then go and fix it following our guide. 

What Causes Bathroom Sink Drain Leaking Around Threads?Bathroom Sink Drain Leaking Around Threads

First of all, you have to find out what causes the leak in the bathroom sink to fix it. Many didn’t find out the reason for the bathroom sink drain leaking around threads. Because it’s difficult to determine without checking all parts properly. 

Usually, the bathroom sink drain leaking around threads has some reasons. So, go for the below steps to identify the problem.

1- Check the Nut

First, you have to start with the inspection of the nut. In some cases, the drain may misplace from the original position, and it makes the drain lose. As a result, water often leaks out from that small area.

So, use a wrench on the drain nut and then test if the nut loses for any reason. The nut needs to be tightened if it’s moving when you put the wrench on it. Again, make sure that the nut is not spinning around the gasket.

When the nut really won’t budge, there’s also the possibility of the rubber gasket compromised. Then you have to replace the part.

Lastly, gradually tighten or release the pressure on the nut and run the water.

If the leaking problem remains, you have to take apart the drain and look closer.

2- Check the Thread

If the nut is tight enough and holding the drain properly, it’s time to inspect the thread. When the bathroom sink was installed, the plumber must use thread tape to make it more secure.

But, the tapes become loose and damaged after usage for a long period. As a result, sealing between the thread and drain become loosen.

So, you have to replace the old tape with a new plumber’s tape  to stop leaks from the thread. 

How does this tape work? This tape directly fits into the threads to make a watertight seal. 

To make it, start a small slack and carefully give pressure on the tape and valve. Now slowly try to wrap while keeping it properly. Do various revolutions around all threads as needed. Finally, when you feel confident about the wrap job, break the tape from the roll.

3- Check the Drain Damages

After all the things, even if you notice the bathroom sink drain leaking around threads, check for damages in the drain. If the earlier two reasons don’t apply to your situation, the cause may be the damaged drain. 

Usually, there are two parts in the drain that suffer from damage and reason leaks. One part is the rubber gasket and another is the drain seal.

So, check the rubble gasket and the drain sealing if everything is okay or not.

Leaking is common when the drain seal is not working properly as it’s supposed to do. Sometimes the sink also cracks around the drain and that causes water leakage.

Tools that you will need to fix bathroom sink drain leaking

How to fix bathroom sink drain leaking around threads? How to fix bathroom sink drain leaking around threads 

Fixing method will differ for each type of leaking problem. Here we discuss what you need to do based on the type of leakage. So, complete these steps to make sure the problem is solved for all.

Step 1: Turn the water supply off

First of all, you have to turn your water supply off. After that, keep a bucket under the drain to prevent overflowing in your washroom.

Step 2: Tightening the drain nut 

A loose drain nut can’t secure your drain from leaking. That is why, you have to check the nut and tighten it gently with an adjustable wrench

However, if the drain nut is not in good condition, you will need to replace the nut. 

Step 3: Repair the drain

Check the drain pipe. If it’s been used for many years, it may cause leaking issues. Besides, a faulty drain might cause the washroom sink leaking issue.  

So, you should check these parts of the drain carefully to recognise where the leakage is. Plus, have a check over the rubber gasket.  

Step 4: Check all drain elements  

Checking all drain elements is very important to fix the leakage issue. Use a wrench to take off the nut and check the parts throughout. 

If there is any leakage in these parts, you should replace the below items:

  • Sink Drain
  • Tailpiece
  • P-trap
  • Waste Arm

If you check these items properly and fix them if there is any leakage, the sink drain leaking issue should be fixed thoroughly. 

How To Fix Sink Drain Leaking Rubber Gasket?

There might be a case that you will find the rubber gasket is causing sink drain leakage. Don’t worry. You can simply fix it. 

Firstly, take off the center nut from your sink using a wrench. Replace the faulty rubber gasket with a new item. If you can install the new rubber gasket properly, the drain sink should stop leaking.

How to seal a bathroom sink drain?How to seal a bathroom sink drain

Tools you will need: 

  • Plumbers Putty
  • Silicone Caulk

You may need to seal your washroom sink drain. In doing so, you have to detach the old sealing. 

Firstly, take out the previous sealant. Then, take  a putty knife and cut the caulk. After that, you should eliminate every element that is sealing the drain. 

Use silicone caulk all over the drain hole. Plus,  a plumber putty can be used as well. At last, put the drain flange properly. 

When is it time to call a plumber?When is it time to call a plumber

If you have already followed our recommended process but it doesn’t seem to be working,  then you should call a plumber.

It is for sure that a plumber will be able to find out the problem correctly and give you an exact solution.

However, at times, you might even need to change the bathroom sink or the drain. 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, by the end of this article, now you know how to fix bathroom sink drain leaking around threads. 

Just go through the steps and guidelines we talked about. And, there are few tools that will help you to do it yourself easily.  

However, if it seems too hard to you, take professional help. 

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