How to Plumb Multiple Shower Heads Diagram

Multiple showerheads are the latest feature that is adopted in many homes. Plumbing multiple shower heads diagrams can be done in several ways. There are innumerable ways to ensure that you do not lose pressure when running multiple showerheads. The multiple shower heads help fasten the showering process. The installment of multiple shower heads is …

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can a toilet and shower share the same drain

Can a Toilet and Shower Share the Same Drain?

In most instances, a toilet and shower can share the same drain. This is because all the drains will eventually go to the central sewer line. Therefore, the toilet and the shower can share an identical drain but not the same waste trap. This is a budget-friendly idea that helps cut the cost of having …

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Thermostatic Shower Valve Stuck (What to Do?)

Thermostatic shower valve stuck is one of the common problems in a shower system. It can stick due to many issues like wear and tear. When the thermostatic shower valve is stuck, it cannot regulate the water temperature in the shower. In-balance in the water pressure also makes the shower valve fail. The thermostatic valve …

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shower won't turn on'

What to Do When Your Shower Doesn’t Turn On

Your shower might fail to turn on due to many issues. There are innumerable reasons which make the shower not turn on. Some of the reasons include damaged cartridges or even faucets. In addition, when some of the shower’s fixtures are not working correctly, it will be too difficult for the shower to turn on. …

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shower enclosures for low ceilings

Shower Enclosures for Low Ceilings (All You Need to Understand)

Do you have the intention of working as a pro? It’s possible, and you can easily determine suitable shower enclosures for your low ceilings. You’ll meet various sizes in the market, meaning that if not careful, you can end up buying the wrong enclosure. Well, this issue shouldn’t disturb you anymore because you are guaranteed …

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shower going hot and cold combi boiler

Why Is My Shower Going Hot and Cold on the Combi Boiler?

It happens that when your shower is on the Combi Boiler, it goes hot and cold. These are high-efficient heaters as well as central heating units. Remember, these water heaters can perfectly heat your home while providing hot water. You achieve these without installing an extra tank. However, if they have issues, the enjoyment will …

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aqualisa shower lights stay on

Why My Aqualisa Shower Lights Keeps Staying On

If you own an Aqualisa Shower and you’ve not ever come across a problem, then you should prepare for one. The common issue with these showers is the lights staying on. After having a shower, you realize that the neon light in your Aqualisa shower won’t turn off. Is this a problem? This issue might …

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shower goes cold after a few minutes

Reasons Why My Shower Goes Cold After a Few Minutes

Having a hot shower remains an impressive and soothing experience that everyone would wish to have in their homes. However, the enjoyment is cut short when you realize cold water lands on your head sooner than expected. This is the most frustrating experience in your bathroom, mostly when you’re in the middle. When you experience …

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how to fit shower door rollers

How to Fit Shower Door Rollers (Step by Step Fix)

The shower door rollers are what make it easy to open the shower door. Unfortunately, shower door rollers can become worn out over time and will need to be replaced. However, you can replace the shower door rollers using the steps and process outlined below when necessary. That is a simple fix that any do-it-yourselfer …

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