How to Change Toilet Paper Roll-Complete Guide

Toilet paper roll is a machine that helps individuals to roll out toilet paper quickly and easily. At times changing tissue paper roll may require to be changed, and changing can be a bit hard for everyone, especially individuals who are not used to changing toilet paper. Several methods can help you change your toilet …

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Toilet Leaking Into Basement-Causes and How to Fix

Toilet leaking in your house is a major problem that requires instant fixation before causing damages to the home. Leaking water from the toilet moistens your basement, making the place weak leading to other damages such as property damages. There are several causes of toilet leakages. For instance, loose water supply lines result in water …

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How to Make Suction Cups Stick in Shower

How to Make Suction Cups Stick in Shower (Complete Guide)

Suction cups are used for hanging things with bathroom substances such as bathing cloth. Moreover, suction cups provide additional space for storing things such as hanging light clothing. However, suction cups do not support heavyweight since heavyweight leads to the pulling away of suction cups from the wall. Once the suction cups fall off from …

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How to Fix Bathroom That Smells Like Poop

A poop smell in your bathroom shows damage more than plumbing. The poop smell is caused by many reasons such as a damaged sewer, broken drain pipes, etc. The poop smell can affect a user’s health condition. For instance, the user may experience health problems such as suffocation, headaches, nausea, and drowsiness. Therefore, it is …

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Toilet Bubbling When Washer Drains

Toilet Bubbling When Washer Drains-Quick Troubleshooting

Toilet bubbling when washer drain is a common problem experienced by many people. On most occasions, the toilet bubbling when the washer drains result from air trapped in the toilet draining pipes and cannot get out of the pipes. As the air tries finding an escape path, it moves backward and forward, resulting in bubbles …

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Toilet Anchor Bolts Spinning

Toilet Anchor Bolts Spinning-Causes and How to Fix

Toilet anchor bolts are significant and important in the toilet. Sometimes, the bolts may fail to attach firmly to the toilet but rather start spinning. Toilet anchor bolt spinning is a common problem that mostly affects old toilets. Once the toilet anchor bolts start spinning, an immediate fixation is necessary to keep your toilet running …

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Shower Valve Types

7 Different Shower Valve Types [Ultimate Reviews]

For more nobility of home, the shower valve has become increasingly essential to warm up, cool off, and get clean, so hurry. The popularity of the shower does not surprisingly increase; the demand for shower increase gradually. Our ancestors take a shower, open place, and do not know about the shower valve, such as cold …

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Flush Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

How to Choose Flush Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

The shower has been longer than you ever think. Older people like so many years ago people use waterfall to keep clean themself. Nowadays, people are searching for such a way to get a feeling. Flush ceiling mounted rain shower head allows you to this facility. Digging hundred through showerheads is a complicated thing. So, …

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best shower filter for blonde hair

7 Best Shower Filter for Blonde Hair [Reviews in 2021]

Are you worried when you see your hair going dull? There are some different things which are responsible for it. The main reason is that chlorine, rust, heavy materials, and another harmful element of water. Some very efficient method control your hair fall and protect your hair. To easily control your hair fall or avoid …

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